Ryan Potter's Martial Arts Audition

Posted on Jan 20, 2013

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It's hard to imagine anyone but Ryan Potter as the leader of the pack in Supah Ninjas -- he handles those nunchucks like a true-to-life ninja. Well, the reality isn't that far off! In an interview with Pacific Citizen, Ryan revealed that he's been doing martial arts since he was eight years old! And those high-kicking skills came in handy one fateful day when the Supah Ninjas casting directors dropped off audition fliers near his L.A. dojo...

Ryan Potter is an Extreme Sports Prodigy

Posted on Jan 15, 2013

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Ryan Potter is an extreme sports prodigy who loves to chow down on tropical fruit! How do we know? We heard it straight from the supah star himself. He spilled to AOL Kids some of his most random and unknown facts that most of his fans never knew about him (including us). Check out this list of inside deets, straight from the kung-fu kickin' celeb himself.

The Day Ryan Potter Became A Ninja

Posted on Jan 10, 2013

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What does it feel like to score the Hollywood role of your dreams? Well, Ryan Potter is about to tell you exactly what it's like! In an interview with Teen.com, the Supah Ninjas star described the day he first found out about nabbing the role of Mike Fukanaga. And believe it or not, it took a little while before he could fully process the news!

Ryan Potter Preps For More Supah Ninjas!

Posted on Jan 1, 2013

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Have you been practicing your ninja kicks and tricks while waiting for the new season of Supah Ninjas? Ryan Potter is super psyched, too! He can't wait to start throwing his shuriken on the show again, and expressed his excitement for new episodes during an interview with Celeb Secrets 4U. And, it looks like all your patience is gonna pay off big time, 'cause according to Ry, the show is only getting bigger and better.

Ryan Potter Takes Advice From Hologramps

Posted on Jan 1, 2013

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With every high kick and one-two-punch, Ryan Potter climbs higher on the list of Hollywood superstars. But even all-star actors need a word of advice from time to time. And lucky for Ryan, he's got a seasoned sensed to coach him through it all. Ryan spilled to oceanUP about how he sometimes takes advice from Hologramps actor, George Takei. Plus, he dished about his favorite dish, and how he's gained confidence through Supah Ninjas.


Ryan Potter's BIO

There's a new quick-punching performer that just moved in to the hills of Hollywood! Ryan Potter scored the role of Mike Fukanaga; the shy, yet fearless leader of the karate-kicking clan, the Supah Ninjas. But he's a martial arts master in real life, too! Ryan grew up in Tokyo, Japan and he's been training in martial arts since he was eight years old. But after moving to the U.S, Ryan decided to take on a new hobby...acting! And now he's one of the brightest new stars in Tinsel Town. Paparazzi be warned, this Samurai-skilled celeb is fighting his way to the top the A-list.

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