Fact Check!

Posted on May 11, 2013

Fact Check 1

Oops! We seem to have mixed up a few of our facts from the Nick vault of celebrity factoids! (We bet you didn't even know that existed, did you?) Anyway, we need some help sorting out some of these fun facts and pairing them with the right peeps. Do you know it all about Victoria Justice? 'Cause here's what we've got under her list of likes..

1. She loves karate. She practices white tiger kung fu 24/7!
2. When she's not shooting on set, she's shooting hoops. This gal is a bball all star.
3. She can speak Japanese!

Fashion Friday: Ryan's A Tie Guy

Posted on May 10, 2013

Fashion Friday Ryan Potter Bow-Tie 1

It's Fashion Friday! And just in time for the weekend, we're dishing on some funky fashions from our fave stars. Did you know that Supah Ninjas celeb Ryan Potter has an awesome bow-tie collection? It's true. He wears them practically 24/7. Just see for yourself!

Ryan's Vase of Slime

Posted on May 5, 2013

Ryan Potter Slime Vase 1

Our slime is pretty much the greatest concoction on Earth. And Ryan Potter seems to think so too, because he literally wants to put it on a pedestal! We asked the Supah ninja what he'd do with a bucket of the gooey green stuff and he told us his master plan...

If Ryan Potter Ruled the World

Posted on Apr 29, 2013

If Ryan Ruled 1

What would it be like if Ryan Potter ruled the world? Would bowties always be in style, since they're his favorite accessory? Or maybe everyone would carry nun-chucks? In any case, we have a feeling life would be full of action, with some hilarious moments mixed in, of course. Here's some things we think Ryan would have high on his to-do list if he was captain of the universe.

Ryan Potter's Odd Jobs

Posted on Apr 14, 2013

Ryan Jobs 1

It's a tough job, getting good grades by day and sweeping the streets clean of criminals by night. Yes, a Supah Ninja's work is never done. But let's take a second to imagine a world where Ryan Potter wasn't a karate-kicking machine 24/7. What else would he be doing? Well, we cooked up a few possibilities...


Ryan Potter's BIO

There's a new quick-punching performer that just moved in to the hills of Hollywood! Ryan Potter scored the role of Mike Fukanaga; the shy, yet fearless leader of the karate-kicking clan, the Supah Ninjas. But he's a martial arts master in real life, too! Ryan grew up in Tokyo, Japan and he's been training in martial arts since he was eight years old. But after moving to the U.S, Ryan decided to take on a new hobby...acting! And now he's one of the brightest new stars in Tinsel Town. Paparazzi be warned, this Samurai-skilled celeb is fighting his way to the top the A-list.

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