Ryan Potter

What's A Wabbajack?

Posted on Apr 4, 2013


Do you know the meaning of the word wabbajack? No? Well, that's probably because you've never heard it used in a sentence and it can't be found anywhere in the dictionary. Why? 'Cause it's completely made up! This word is the brain child of Ryan Potter from Supah Ninjas. It's one of the catchphrases he uses on set! But what on earth does it mean??

Prank Wars!

Posted on Mar 29, 2013

Supah Ninjas Prank Wars 1

The Supah Ninjas are always busy fighting bad guys on camera, but did you know there's another, even fiercer battle brewing behind the scenes of the show? Oh yes, there is a prank war being waged between the ninjas. And Carlos Knight told us all about it!

Ninja Cats!

Posted on Mar 26, 2013


What really goes down behind-the-scenes of Supah Ninjas? Tons of shenanigans! While chatting with Supah star, Gracie Dzienny, we found out that the karate kicking trio loves to goof around on set. But they're not the only ones getting silly between takes. They've also adopted a few feline friends who are just as hiss-terical! Get it?

Ryan The Penguin

Posted on Mar 14, 2013

Supah Ninjas Ryan Potter Penguin 1

Ryan Potter may be known for his quick kicks and cat-like reflexes as the leader of the Supah Ninjas crew, but the animal he'd REALLY like to be doesn't quite have the same smooth moves. In fact, it walks pretty funny. That's right. Ryan wants to be the cutest, flightless bird of them all...

Ryan As An Evil Villain!

Posted on Mar 5, 2013

Ryan Evil Villain Image 1

Ryan Potter is trading in his ninja nun-chucks for a radioactive device which he'll use to take over the world!! Muah-ha-ha! ....Just kidding. Ryan's not turning into an evil villain. He fights bad guys for a living! But he did tell us what his Supah Ninjas role would be like if he was cast as the nemesis instead of the hero. And even though we love seeing Ryan repping the good side, it's fun to see the roles reversed.


Ryan Potter's BIO

There's a new quick-punching performer that just moved in to the hills of Hollywood! Ryan Potter scored the role of Mike Fukanaga; the shy, yet fearless leader of the karate-kicking clan, the Supah Ninjas. But he's a martial arts master in real life, too! Ryan grew up in Tokyo, Japan and he's been training in martial arts since he was eight years old. But after moving to the U.S, Ryan decided to take on a new hobby...acting! And now he's one of the brightest new stars in Tinsel Town. Paparazzi be warned, this Samurai-skilled celeb is fighting his way to the top the A-list.

Poodle Tawk

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