Sanjay and Craig

Silly Selfies

Posted on Nov 12, 2013

Silly Selfies

What do you get when you combine your fave Nick stars and characters and a camera? Sweet selfies, of course! Take a peek at these silly snapshots of your favorite peeps in all their selfie glory.

Woah, dude, check out this awesome pic of Mikey! It's not often that the TMNT get caught up in flashing lights, but when they do, you can expect them to strike a crazy pose. Say "Booyaka-CHEESE!"

How To Be A Villain

Posted on Sep 30, 2013


Sure, everybody loves the good guy. But there's a true talent in mastering the art of evil. It's hard work! Even though arch nemeses are always getting a bad wrap, they still deserve some props. They're actually pretty awesome in a way (don't tell Splinter we said that). But what does it take to be awesomely evil? We've got the deets! Here are the exact things you need to be the most villainous villain, ever.

1: Hide your true identity.
For some reason, masks just make you scarier. Seriously! Shredder sports a helmet 24/7 and it frightens the living daylights out of us! Brrrrr -- we just got the chills.

Facts About Snakes (And Craig)

Posted on Sep 24, 2013


So, you've watched every episode of Sanjay and Craig and it's pretty much your favorite show ever. You're even thinking about making best buds with your neighbor's garden hose (snakes are really hard to come by these days...). But before you do, we thought it might be nice to get to know a little more about Craig and his awesome ancestry. We dug up some of the coolest facts we know about snakes and we're checking out how Craig measures up!

Fact 1: Snakes can swallow stuff whole.
Now this is straight up impressive. Gulping down your dinner in a matter of seconds sounds like something out of a Sci-fi movie. But snakes can do it, and so can Craig. We've seen him at the Frycade...


Sanjay and Craig's BIO

Sanjay and Craig (who happens to be a talking snake) are best friends. Together they wander the suburbs doing the impossible, walking tightropes, shredding video game world records, posing as doctors, befriending gorillas and basically doing whatever they want to do. They're unstoppable... as long as nobody finds out that Craig can talk, so DON'T TELL ANYBODY!

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