Victoria Justice

Victoria's Fashion On Tour

Posted on Aug 14, 2013


Victoria Justice has been on the road a lot during her Big Time Summer Break tour with BTR, but that doesn't mean she's slacking on style! This star has been rocking an awesome wardrobe on stage, and today we're bringing you the greatest hits of her tour duds!

First up, Vic wore a simple white blouse paired with electric coral skinnies while belting her tunes to the crowd. These pants really made this pop star's look pop!

Victoria Hearts Home

Posted on Aug 10, 2013

Victoria Hearts Home 1

The fabulous life of a celebrity can be pretty crazy, especially if you're an international sensation like Victoria Justice! And with such a hectic lifestyle, it's important to stay grounded. Luckily, Victoria's knows how. And it's all thanks to her 'rents! She told Sun Times, "Even though my life is so abnormal, my parents have really grounded me and I think I have a pretty good head on my shoulders despite the craziness."

BTR and Victoria's Summer BBQ!

Posted on Aug 9, 2013

Victoria BTR Tour BBQ 1

When Big Time Rush and Victoria Justice need to take a break from their Summer Break Tour, all they have to do is head to their tour buses to chill! Victoria told the Chicago Sun-Times just how much she enjoys spending time with the boys. "Big Time Rush are super nice and talented guys who I love hanging out with while out on tour," she gushed.

Kendall Hearts Victoria

Posted on Jul 30, 2013


As you must already know, Victoria Justice is busy bringing her beats to the nation on the Summer Break Tour with Big Time Rush! So how are things going with her and the boys? NewsOK checked in with Kendall Schmidt, who had nothing but nice things to say about the gal!

Victoria Justice's BIO

Get ready to Freak the Freak Out! Not only does Victoria Justice lead her own Nick show, Victorious, but she's also a mega hit recording artist! But before she had us "Beggin'" on our knees, we started loving her as Lola on Zoey 101. She also made cameos in True Jackson, The Troop, and iCarly. Now that she's making it shine as Tori Vega, her teen queen reign is hitting its high note.

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