Miranda's Album Photo Shoot

Posted on May 16, 2011

Miranda Cosgrove is always dressed to the nines. But she got even more glammed up than usual for her "High Maintenance" album photo shoot! Just look at these pretty pics of MC all dolled up for the cameras. This girl's our style sensei.


Happy Birthday Miranda Cosgrove!!

Posted on May 14, 2011

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Miranda, happy birthday to YOU!! It's May 14, AKA the birthday of our favorite Nick starlet Miranda Cosgrove! And in honor of her big day, we thought we'd count down the top 10 things that make this webbing wonder-woman so wonderful!


Victoria Justice Most Embarrassing Moment

Posted on May 14, 2011

Victoria Justice is quite the busy bee, with a hit show, a jammin' new album, and tons of hip Hollywood parties to attend. Her whole life is one big balancing act! But there was a time in her life where she wasn't so perfectly poised...We found out that Vic took a little spill in front of one of her crushes one time, and that mis-stepping moment will live on forever as one of her most embarrassing memories of all time!


Kendall Schmidt Talks Big Time Rush with MTV Asia!

Posted on May 14, 2011

Kendall Schmidt is sometimes referred to as the frontman of Big Time Rush. Why? Well, he does have some serious pipes and major dancing chops, but so do the rest of the boys! We think it's because he's a fearless leader who's incredibly charming and knows just how to smooth talk his way through any interview. Just check out this recent chit-chat between Kendall and MTV Asia. Kendall spilled all the deets about BTR's fans, their idols, and who gets the most attention. Check it out!


Kendall's Burping Buddy

Posted on May 14, 2011

We thought Kendall was a charming and polite BTR boy who knew just how to act in front of the ladies. But it seems like Kendall cares less about his manners and more about learning to burp up more than just the alphabet. And who will be his ill-mannered mentor you may wonder? His favorite Nick toon, Rico from Penguins of Madagascar! Check it out.

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