Kelly's Fave Big Time Rush Moment Revealed!

Posted on Apr 28, 2011

Reporters mobbed Tanya Chisholm as she made her way down the Orange Carpet, on her way into the 2011 KCAs. Flashbulbs exploded five at a time from every direction and the questions came just as fast and furious. "What's Logan like in real life?!" "What's your favorite Big Time Rush song?!" "Is Carlos double-jointed?!?" "What time is it?!" But of all her answers, we found this one to be the most TANtalizing...


James Maslow Gets Slimed on Brainsurge!

Posted on Apr 28, 2011

James Maslow can now go by the name of Doctor James Maslow, because he's a complete expert when it comes to Brain Surgery! James squashed the out the starry competition when he put his wits to the test in a rambunctious round of Celebrity BrainSurge. But with every Nick victory, must come a slime-abration. So it was only fair that we slathered the genius in a gallon of goo.


Ke$ha's Victorious Cameo

Posted on Apr 28, 2011

Unless you've been living under a non-orange rock for the past week, you already know that the latest episode of Victorious features a blockbuster cameo from none other than KE$HA! She doesn't have many lines, but she dishes enough surly sarcasm to give you a little taste of what she's all about (what makes her "Tik Tok," if you will).

See Jennette McCurdy @ the Country Music Awards

Posted on Apr 28, 2011

Jennette McCurdy might play a loud-mouthed sidekick who's as lady-like as a wet warted toad with a bad case of gas, but in real life she's as prim and pretty as a princess! Just look at this fabulous frock she rocked to the red carpet at the Country Music Awards! This country queen knows just how to go glitter-glam. Check out at how she iced out this pretty party dress with a string of jazzy jewels! We just have one question...Where did she get her bedazzler?


Miranda's Rad in Red for Women in Music Event

Posted on Apr 27, 2011

Once upon a time there was a young celebrity superstar who scored an invite to a beautiful ball in the Hollywood hills...and she totally rocked the red carpet!

Miranda Cosgrove is known for having the life of a fairy tale, with a hit show iCarly and a long list of hit singles. But not only is she a pop princess, she's got some enchanting style too! Although she's known as a real-life Cinderella, we spotted her swiping fashion tips from another fairy tale fashion figure; Little Red Riding Hood! MC rocked this rad red dress to the 2nd annual Women in Music event in Cali. Miranda, what great style you have!


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