Play Free Trivia Games - KCA Nominee Match-Up!

Posted on Mar 16, 2011

It's trivia time! Ever wonder about your favorite stars' personal lives? Of course you do. We're playing a little game of mix and match with some fun facts about these Kids' Choice Award nominees. We've got Brenda Song, Jennette McCurdy, and Nick Jonas on the chopping block. Here are facts about each nominee. See if you can decide which trivia item describes which nominee, then scroll down for the answer!

One nominee has a dog named Elvis.
One nominee has worked for a model for Abercrombie & Fitch Kids.
One nominee loves to figure skate and has been in a few figure skating competitions.


Is Will Smith's Blimp Legacy Going to Be Passed Down to Jaden?

Posted on Mar 16, 2011

Will Smith is a rapper, actor, father, and most importantly, an eight-time Kids' Choice Award Blimp winner. He could probably lift his entire Hollywood mansion up with the help of all those blimp awards! Just kidding... he'd need to win a few more before they could handle that kind of weight!


SpongeBob Fun Fact

Posted on Mar 16, 2011

We know we'd award SpongeBob SquarePants with a crown and a bajillion dollars if we had the choice! But did you know that the cartoon has won the Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Cartoon every time it's been nominated except for one little mishap when Avatar took the prize in 2008? That's a pretty good record, wouldn't you say?


Celeb BFFs: Who are Taylor Swift's Famous Friends?

Posted on Mar 16, 2011

Taylor Swift may be a KCA nominee for Favorite Female Singer, but Taylor is just a regular girl deep down! As if her lyrics about wearing t-shirts and sneakers didn't tip you off already, Taylor isn't a typical Hollywood A-lister... but she does have friends in very high places. So, who does she call her besties?


KCA Throwback: Dylan and Cole Sprouse Are KCA Cuties!

Posted on Mar 16, 2011

Kids' Choice Award nominees Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse have literally grown up before our eyes on TV and in movies, but when we look at this photo of them from way back in the day, we can hardly believe our eyes! Look at how little they are!


If SpongeBob ruled the world...

that world would be full of Krabby Patties.


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