Weird News of the Week: Nathan's Got Range!

Posted on Jun 18, 2013

Weird News Of The Week Nathan Kress Sings 1

He may be a star actor, but iCarly vet Nathan Kress is a true Jack of all Trades. In fact, this Nick Star recently discovered an, err, interesting new talent of his, and it's so wacky, it made the headline for this edition of Weird News of the Week. Ready to hear this fun new fun fact? Well....

Sam and Cat Cameos?

Posted on Jun 18, 2013

Sam & Cat Special Guest Stars 1

The Sam & Cat set is already packed with tons of kiddie actors, but there's always room for guest appearances from some of your favorite stars. Besties Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande are already putting their bids in for future cameo picks, and they dished it all to MTV News. And word to the curious, it sounds a lot like a soon to be iCarly reunion!

Earth Food Rules!

Posted on Jun 17, 2013

Earth Food Rules 1

Lucas Cruikshank doesn't blame Marvin Marvin for stuffing his face with human food. In fact, if he arrived on Earth from outer space, he'd do the very same thing! While talking to On the Spot Interviews, he explained what he'd do if he were a real alien, "I guess I'd be like Marvin and try all the food, 'cause he's all into the human food. So I'd probably be really excited about that."

Big Time Vacays!

Posted on Jun 17, 2013

Big Time Vacays 1

You can't get a band that's much closer than Big Time Rush. They hang out, write music, and play awesome shows together all the time. When they need a break from all that hard work, they even make sure to getaway from it all... together!

Late Logan

Posted on Jun 16, 2013

Logan Henderson BTR Late 1

BTR's Kendall Schmidt sat down with Just Jared Jr. and dished some deets about his fellow band mates. Who has a closet the size of a small country? Speaking of style, who loves being fashionable late? These answers may surprise you...

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