Jennette Gives Nick Names

Posted on Jun 7, 2013

Jennette McCurdy Nick Names 1

We can think of more than a few perks of being friends with Jennette McCurdy. First, just think of all the LOLs you'd have! But besides being kept in stitches, you'd need a brand new name to be besties with Jennette. Why? Because Jennette likes to give her pals some kooky nicknames for fun. For example, she fondly refers to her iCarly BFF Miranda Cosgrove as 'Cosmos.' Now that's a name that's out of this world!

It's National Yo-Yo Day!

Posted on Jun 6, 2013


Wanna know a fun fact about today? It's National Yo-Yo Day! So get ready to "Walk The Dog" and "Go Around The World" with your fave stars, because we're ringing in this wacky holiday right. First order of business? Let's get everyone Yo-Yo-ing! Well, we don't know if the Nick celebs are actually practicing their skills on strings today, but here's a funny pic of what they might look like doing it!

Carlos' Big Time Episode!

Posted on Jun 6, 2013

Carlos Pena Directs Big Time Episode 1

Carlos has a busy acting and singing career, but he's adding another talent onto his list... directing! For tonight's episode, "Big Time Tour Bus," he stepped behind the camera to make all the big time directing decisions. And this episode is super special for another reason too, 'cause they had a certain Victorious visitor on the set.

Sam and Cat Is Almost Here!

Posted on Jun 5, 2013

Sam & Cat Coming Soon 1

The show everyone is waiting for is only THREE days away!! And we couldn't be more excited. Seeing two of our favorite celebs dive head first into the milk-spilling, diaper-changing world of babysitting? Yeah, that's pretty awesome. But this isn't all for TV. There's real life babysitting going down every day on the Sam and Cat set!

If SpongeBob ruled the world...

that world would be full of Krabby Patties.


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