Safety Information for Parents

If you're reading this page, it's because you're a parent who's concerned about where your kids are going on the Internet and who they're interacting with when they get there. And why wouldn't you be?

Now that you're here, we'd like to introduce you to the Club,'s immersive 3D virtual world that we've designed to be a safe place for kids to hang out, be creative, and connect with each other online.

In the Club, kids can customize their own rooms, visit interactive common rooms called Clubhouses, watch videos of their favorite Nickelodeon shows, interact with Nick characters and play games. In addition, one of the most exciting features of the Club is that kids can actually chat with each other in real time.

We know what you're thinking: Chatting online, is that safe? And that's why our goal is for the Club to be THE safe place online where kids can chat with one another.

To that end, we've put the following safeguards in place:

  • Visitors to the Club are identified only by their NickNames (screen names they choose when logging on to, not their real names. No personally identifiable information (names, email addresses, etc.) can be accessed through a NickName.
  • does not store real names, email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers or other personally identifiable information anywhere, ever.
  • Chat in the Club uses a sanitized dictionary specifically screened by No obscene, violent or threatening language is included in the dictionary.
  • Additionally, a "Dirty Phrase Checker" is in place that refuses certain combinations of otherwise "clean" words that, when put together, become suggestive, offensive or violent.
  • The dictionary includes no numerals, spelled out numbers or individual letters (excluding those letters that are words unto themselves: "a"). No street names, city names or state names are included, nor are the actual words "street," "lane," "road" or "boulevard."
  • The only proper first names included in the dictionary are those of our most popular Nickelodeon characters.

And, most importantly:

  • If at any time a visitor to the Club feels uncomfortable in any way, they can instantly block another visitor from chatting with them and can report the incident directly to us by clicking on the Report Chat or Report a Concern button that appears on the screen throughout their visit to the Club.

All that being said, at we understand that just like in the real world, parents want to know where their kids are hanging out online (after all, many of us are parents too). We hope you'll surf around the Club and experience this exciting virtual world for yourself.

While you're here, please read our Ground Rules and the Online Safety Guide. Better yet, read the Ground Rules and Safety Guide with your child and talk about Internet safety together.

For further information about's online privacy rules, please refer to our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions or concerns about the Club, please click Report a Concern.