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  • Monster Mash Up

    Monster Mash Up

    Go toe-to-toe with Plankton the Mechanical in a one-on-one match.

  • Walks Da Plank

    Walks Da Plank

    Help SpongeBob avoid perilous planks now!

  • Pollution Solution

    Pollution Solution

    Play as every penguin in this awesome eco-friendly adventure.

  • Compost the Most

    Compost the Most

    Boast the most compost in this Barnyard game.

  • Pier 13 Thowdown

    Pier 13 Thowdown

    Help Bessie escape the Dragonflies' now!

  • Fashion Fury

    Fashion Fury

    Whip up a killer outfit in seconds flat in this game.

  • The Return of The Chosen

    The Return of The Chosen

    Behold the moment of truth! Play the Trilogy's final game!

  • The Darkness' Revenge

    The Darkness' Revenge

    Play Game Two of the Wishology Trilogy now!

  • Julien Boogie

    Julien Boogie

    Check out King Julien's marsupial moves! Play now!

  • Private Panic

    Private Panic

    Mort's in mortal peril! Rescue him in this game!

  • Nuts for Peanuts

    Nuts for Peanuts

    Keep the elephants happy by feeding them peanuts...or ELSE!

  • Whack-a-Mort Game

    Whack-a-Mort Game

    Mort's so cute he's annoying! Play now!

  • Gull Grabber

    Gull Grabber

    The penguins' lunch is in peril, and only you can save it! Play now!

  • Alien Trackdown Smackdown

    Alien Trackdown Smackdown

    Aliens are on the loose! Catch 'em in this Monsters vs. Aliens game!

  • Battle for the Barn!

    Battle for the Barn!

    Fend off intergalactic invaders! Play now!

  • Ultimate Challenge

    Ultimate Challenge

    Jump in the ring in this Monsters vs. Aliens game!

  • Arctic Boot Camp Blitz

    Arctic Boot Camp Blitz

    Get your slide on with the Penguins!

  • Chelsea's Challenge

    Chelsea's Challenge

    Ride a dolphin and earn scout badges!

  • Fitness Frenzy

    Fitness Frenzy

    Are you fit to play this game? PROVE it.

  • A Shot at Love!

    A Shot at Love!

    Plunk your favorite Nicktoons with suction cup arrows in this Valentine's game!

  • The Chosen One!

    The Chosen One!

    Help Timmy become a hero! Play now!

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