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  • Lego Bionicle Nuparu (AD)

    Lego Bionicle Nuparu (AD)

    (AD) Play this exclusive Lego Bionicle adventure now!

  • Lego Bionicle Kongu (AD)

    Lego Bionicle Kongu (AD)

    (AD) Play this exclusive Lego Bionicle adventure now!

  • Lego Bionicle Jaller (AD)

    Lego Bionicle Jaller (AD)

    (AD) Play this exclusive Lego Bionicle adventure now!

  • Handyman Challenge

    Handyman Challenge

    Test your handyman skills!

  • Hide 'n' Go Milk

    Hide 'n' Go Milk

    Otis needs to get a JUMP on milk delivery in this hoppin' Barnyard game!

  • Reef Rumble

    Reef Rumble

    Square off with the citizens of Bikini Bottom in this sea-bottom battle!

  • Squirt Gun Run

    Squirt Gun Run

    Help Jordan stay fly and dry in this super soggy game!

  • Rip Roarin' Rodent

    Rip Roarin' Rodent

    Pip's going for a really wild ride in this Barnyard game!

  • Battle of the Futurebots

    Battle of the Futurebots

    Magic and tech are together at last in the ultimate bot battle!

  • Action Jack

    Action Jack

    Vaporize ghosts with some serious Fenton firepower!

  • Girl Trouble

    Girl Trouble

    Nat's on the run from swarming female fans! Help him get to the show on time!

  • Krusty Bottom Weekly

    Krusty Bottom Weekly

    Snap shots of Bikini Bottom's most embarrassing moments!

  • Arena


    Create your own Bending Master and battle for supremacy!

  • Ay Yi Yi of El Tigre

    Ay Yi Yi of El Tigre

    Choose your DESTINY and save (or smash!) Miracle City!

  • Spindango Fundulation

    Spindango Fundulation

    Help Mr. Blik stop an alien invasion, and boogie down doing it!

  • Guts 'n' Glory

    Guts 'n' Glory

    Help a shrunken Timmy escape from Pappy's icky insides!

  • Showdown at Santa's

    Showdown at Santa's

    Stop the marauding holidays from ruining Christmas!

  • Pyramid Peril

    Pyramid Peril

    Hop, skip and jump SpongeBob to safety!

  • Aang On!

    Aang On!

    Help Aang train for his biggest battle yet!

  • Barge Barrage

    Barge Barrage

    Help Prince Zuko conquer the other nations in this nautical adventure!

  • Zero G-Kitties

    Zero G-Kitties

    This spaced-out adventure will turn your world upside down!

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