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  • Shear Madness

    Shear Madness

    Timmy's got the power of flight...and great hair!

  • Rise of the Phoenix King

    Rise of the Phoenix King

    Square off in the ultimate battle for bending supremacy!

  • Spitwad Showdown

    Spitwad Showdown

    Join the greatest undersea spitwad battle of all time!

  • Escape the Grove (AD)

    Escape the Grove (AD)

    (AD) Protect the field guide and race back to the mansion before it's too late!

  • Decision of Destiny

    Decision of Destiny

    What's your destiny? The fate of El Tigre lies in YOUR hands!

  • Fairies of Fury

    Fairies of Fury

    Think you have what it takes to weather the storm of Timmy Turner?

  • Siege on Spiderwick Mansion (AD)

    Siege on Spiderwick Mansion (AD)

    (AD) Goblins are on the rampage! Protect the mansion and save the Field Guide!

  • Whoa Baby!

    Whoa Baby!

    Dimsdale is expecting a special delivery! Play to find out who...or is!

  • Mini Game Mania

    Mini Game Mania

    There's a cornucopia of great games in this Nicktoons collection! Play all 20!

  • Clash of the Benders

    Clash of the Benders

    Show off your bending skills against the Four Nations' true masters!

  • Lego Bionicle Nuparu (AD)

    Lego Bionicle Nuparu (AD)

    (AD) Play this exclusive Lego Bionicle adventure now!

  • Lego Bionicle Kongu (AD)

    Lego Bionicle Kongu (AD)

    (AD) Play this exclusive Lego Bionicle adventure now!

  • Lego Bionicle Jaller (AD)

    Lego Bionicle Jaller (AD)

    (AD) Play this exclusive Lego Bionicle adventure now!

  • Handyman Challenge

    Handyman Challenge

    Test your handyman skills!

  • Hide 'n' Go Milk

    Hide 'n' Go Milk

    Otis needs to get a JUMP on milk delivery in this hoppin' Barnyard game!

  • Reef Rumble

    Reef Rumble

    Square off with the citizens of Bikini Bottom in this sea-bottom battle!

  • Squirt Gun Run

    Squirt Gun Run

    Help Jordan stay fly and dry in this super soggy game!

  • Rip Roarin' Rodent

    Rip Roarin' Rodent

    Pip's going for a really wild ride in this Barnyard game!

  • Battle of the Futurebots

    Battle of the Futurebots

    Magic and tech are together at last in the ultimate bot battle!

  • Action Jack

    Action Jack

    Vaporize ghosts with some serious Fenton firepower!

  • Girl Trouble

    Girl Trouble

    Nat's on the run from swarming female fans! Help him get to the show on time!

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