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  • Bobby Nutcase Moto Jumping

    Bobby Nutcase Moto Jumping

    Impress the ladies with your mad motorcycle skills in this awesome action game!

  • Ghoul Getter

    Ghoul Getter

    SpongeBob's got a ghost of a tale to tell, help him get back to the Flying Dutchman's ship!

  • Three Car Monte Carlo

    Three Car Monte Carlo

    Use your driving skills and match 3 mastery to win the most famous race in the world!

  • Sikowitz's Graffiti Cleanup

    Sikowitz's Graffiti Cleanup

    Help Sikowitz stop the Hollywood Arts graffiti bandit! As you know, Sikowitz needs A LOT of help!

  • Youda Farmer 3

    Youda Farmer 3

    Who's the farmer? Youda Farmer!

  • Water Balloon Dodgeball

    Water Balloon Dodgeball

    Go Team Red! Hit Team Blue with as many water balloons before they can get you!

  • Hero of the Shadows

    Hero of the Shadows

    Infiltrate the Subsiders' secret lair with the all BRAND new level 3.

  • Jade's Prom Wrecker

    Jade's Prom Wrecker

    Jade's trying to destroy the prom! Avoid her Prom Wreckers! If they hit you, your night is over!

  • Hallway Horror

    Hallway Horror

    There's something strange about this school, and what's the deal with Cadence? Play part 2 now!

  • Dojo Defend

    Dojo Defend

    Team up with your friends to defeat the Moogers!

  • Royal Wedding Run

    Royal Wedding Run

    Good Prince William is to wed the darling Kate. Run to meet your bride, avoiding old girlfriends and paparazzi on the way!

  • Locked Up

    Locked Up

    Tori's escaped from prison! Help her run from those crazy soldiers back to safety!

  • Just Shut Up and Drive

    Just Shut Up and Drive

    Hang up the phone, put down the burrito, and stop picking your nose. It's race day and you're going to get clobbered if you don't drive like you mean it, buddy!

  • Honey Nut Cheerios: Honey Bust (AD)

    Honey Nut Cheerios: Honey Bust (AD)

    Stop Yellow Jacket™ by launching him as far away from the honey as you can!

  • Spencer's Fired Up

    Spencer's Fired Up

    Carly's crib is going up in flames! Help Spencer bust the blazes before it's too late.

  • Dangerous Dash

    Dangerous Dash

    Make a Dangerous Dash up this mountainside path.

  • ShamRockets


    Do leprechauns and explosives mix? Only one way to find out! Shoot for the stars and collect gold, shamrocks, diamonds and more. When you can fly no higher, blow up pretty like fireworks should! Spend your stash to upgrade your Irish fireworks for maximum Erin Go Blammo!

  • MadBob WarriorPants

    MadBob WarriorPants

    Shake Plankton's punks and make 'em eat pavement.

  • Bags Away

    Bags Away

    Bags away! It's a carry-on catastrophe.

  • Block Party

    Block Party

    Have you joined the Block Party? Explore the worlds of SpongeBob, Skipper, Sheen, Fanboy, Dudley Puppy, iCarly, and Victorious and party on!

  • A Log Way From Home

    A Log Way From Home

    You don't need to LOG in to LOG out in this game.

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