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  • Studio Swing

    Studio Swing

    Avoid rock 'n roll's treacherous pitfalls in this classic Naked Brothers Band game!

  • Mighty Dreams

    Mighty Dreams

    Bessie's dreams make for one one Bee-rific game!

  • Timmy the Barbarian

    Timmy the Barbarian

    Get medieval in this Fairly OddParents game! Play now!

  • Penguin Defender

    Penguin Defender

    Help lead baby penguins to safety on AddictingGames!

  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Obstacle Odyssey (AD)

    SpongeBob SquarePants: Obstacle Odyssey (AD)

    SpongeBob and his pal Patrick need your help collecting bubbles. Pop into the adventure!(AD)

  • Maverie the Mad Scientist

    Maverie the Mad Scientist

    Maverie the Mad Scientist

  • Dirty Bubble Busters

    Dirty Bubble Busters

    Help SpongeBob and Pat rid Bikini Bottom of unrecycled trash!

  • Decision of Destiny

    Decision of Destiny

    What's your destiny? The fate of El Tigre lies in YOUR hands!

  • Whoa Baby!

    Whoa Baby!

    Dimsdale is expecting a special delivery! Play to find out who...or is!

  • Atlantis SquarePantis

    Atlantis SquarePantis

    Rev up the bus and head to Atlantis with SpongeBob and Patrick!

  • Plankton's Fun House

    Plankton's Fun House

    Build, post and play your own levels in this SpongeBob game!

  • Dutchman's Dash

    Dutchman's Dash

    Play as SpongeBob or Patrick and SAVE GARY!!!

  • Ay Yi Yi of El Tigre

    Ay Yi Yi of El Tigre

    Choose your DESTINY and save (or smash!) Miracle City!

  • Guts 'n' Glory

    Guts 'n' Glory

    Help a shrunken Timmy escape from Pappy's icky insides!

  • Yugopotamia Mania

    Yugopotamia Mania

    Help Timmy make an alien invasion magically disappear!

  • Ship o' Ghouls

    Ship o' Ghouls

    Help SpongeBob escape the haunted Flying Dutchman!

  • Freak for All

    Freak for All

    Go ghost and back again and foil Freakshow's evil plot in this supernatural side-scroller!

  • Mecha Cat Destructo!

    Mecha Cat Destructo!

    The cats' robot replicas are on the rampage--only you can stop 'em!

  • Dunces and Dragons

    Dunces and Dragons

    Medieval madness! Joust about with SpongeBob and pals!

  • Treetop Trouble

    Treetop Trouble

    Help Sokka hop across the treetops and rescue an entire town!

  • Big Superhero Wish Game

    Big Superhero Wish Game

    Zap some supervillains and rid Timmy's town of EVIL!

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