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  • New Year's Resolution Maker

    New Year's Resolution Maker

    Resolve to play this Clickamajig before it's too late!

  • Road Skunk

    Road Skunk

    What's that smell? Click the arrows and keep your eyes on the road!

  • Pumpkin Carving

    Pumpkin Carving

    Feast your eyes on the Picasso of pumpkins!

  • Pull My Finger

    Pull My Finger

    Make sure your volume is cranked, then give the finger a yank!

  • Family Portrait

    Family Portrait

    Everybody say cheese!

  • Digital Pinata

    Digital Pinata

    Take a whack at our digital pinata!

  • Party Animal

    Party Animal

    Make some noise and party with the ultimate Party Animal!

  • Paper Luck

    Paper Luck

    Feeling fortunate? Try your luck with Paper Luck!

  • Obnoxor 5000

    Obnoxor 5000

    Check out our state-of-the-art robot's futuristic features!

  • Odd n' Even

    Odd n' Even

    Can you beat the computer at Odds or Evens? Once, twice, three...Shoot!

  • Mousetrap Maker

    Mousetrap Maker

    Outsmart the sneaky mice before they chomp your cheese!

  • Field Trip to the Museum

    Field Trip to the Museum

    Check out the art...before it falls apart!

  • Moozik


    Give ol' Bossie a squeeze--it'll be moozik to your ears!

  • Mini Van Gogh

    Mini Van Gogh

    Who needs a museum? Make a masterpiece on your mom's car!

  • Disgruntled Magic 7 Ball

    Disgruntled Magic 7 Ball

    Need a prediction? Ask the world's crankiest pool ball!

  • Attack of the Leftovers

    Attack of the Leftovers

    The Thanksgiving leftovers are taking over!

  • Black Licorice

    Black Licorice

    Give the kiddies their candy...then cover your eyes!

  • Itch You Were Here

    Itch You Were Here

    Bug-lovers BEEware! This game's a real pain!

  • Howie Your Punch Pal

    Howie Your Punch Pal

    Give Howie a whack and watch him wobble!

  • Happy Face Toy

    Happy Face Toy

    Go ahead...make his face!

  • Handshadows


    Amaze your friends! Amuse your family!

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