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  • First Food Fight

    First Food Fight

    Those Pilgrims sure can chuck some chow!

  • Gone Fishin'

    Gone Fishin'

    This guy's got something on his line...but it sure isn't lunch!

  • One Fine Day

    One Fine Day

    You'll go bananas for this Clickamajig!

  • Drumstick


    Pick up the drumstick and start playing with your food!

  • Dutch


    He may not be ripped, but he sure can skip!

  • Don't Break the Dishes

    Don't Break the Dishes

    Keep the dishes spinning or cover your ears!

  • Dancing Snowman

    Dancing Snowman

    This cool character proves you can still get funky if you're frozen!

  • Digital Noisemaker

    Digital Noisemaker

    Crank up the volume on this ear-tickling Clickamajig!

  • Da Bouncer

    Da Bouncer

    Have a ball with this creepy Clickamajig!

  • Crying, Screaming Baby

    Crying, Screaming Baby

    Drag him his toys to keep things quiet!

  • Clicky the Pony

    Clicky the Pony

    You'll get a kick out of this perturbed pony!

  • Disco Chimp

    Disco Chimp

    He's a funky monkey with all the right moves!

  • Don't Feed the Chicken

    Don't Feed the Chicken

    Our hungry hen lays a big one!

  • Chemistry Set

    Chemistry Set

    This Clickamjig is an EXPLOSIVE good time!

  • Chef's Mystery Special

    Chef's Mystery Special

    The Lunch Lady's cookin' up something in the cafeteria. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  • Candy Time

    Candy Time

    This Clickamajig's a real treat! (Would we trick you?)

  • Bright Lights

    Bright Lights

    Light up your life...and your favorite Nick characters!

  • Boys' Room Blues

    Boys' Room Blues

    Make some noise in the boys' room, then share it with a friend!

  • Binky


    Go bonkers with Binky!

  • Billy Borschtbelt

    Billy Borschtbelt

    Meet the world's corniest comedian!

  • Beat Box

    Beat Box

    Be a spinnin', scratchin' digital DJ!

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