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  • Nutcracker vs. Fairies

    Nutcracker vs. Fairies

    Email our nutty Nutcracker to everyone on your list!

  • Witch's Brew

    Witch's Brew

    Whip up a little something in the witch's cauldron...then watch out!

  • Whizz Kid

    Whizz Kid

    Oh no! Little Johnny's gotta go!

  • Makin' Whoopie

    Makin' Whoopie

    Choose a character and set them up for the ultimate prank!

  • Mr. Whatever

    Mr. Whatever

    Cause you never know what shape this little guy'll take on next!

  • Disgruntled Warthog

    Disgruntled Warthog

    How do you soothe a savage beast? Give him what he wants!

  • Water Balloon Blast

    Water Balloon Blast

    This Clickamajig's BURSTing with laughs!

  • Two Dogs Meet

    Two Dogs Meet

    Forget shaking hands! Check out what happens when two dogs meet!

  • Funky Turkey

    Funky Turkey

    Our groovy gobbler is POULTRY in motion!

  • Trick or Treat

    Trick or Treat

    Who's that knocking on your door? Click to find out...if you dare!

  • International Toe Stubber

    International Toe Stubber

    Forget love, the REAL international language is PAIN!

  • Substitute Teacher

    Substitute Teacher

    Get ready to make Teach screech!

  • Springhead


    Something's growing from those lumps...and it's not hair!

  • Spidergraph


    Spin the wildest webs on the Web!

  • Digital Sparkler

    Digital Sparkler

    Light up your Fourth of July with this patriotic plaything!

  • What's Shaking Snow Globe

    What's Shaking Snow Globe

    Shake up your holiday season!

  • Rude Toot Noisemaker

    Rude Toot Noisemaker

    The grossest sounds you can make--all in one place!

  • School's Out

    School's Out

    Pack up your books and boogie down!

  • The Rosebud 5000

    The Rosebud 5000

    Avoid the foks on the slope in this snow-covered sled race!

  • Rock, Paper, Scissors

    Rock, Paper, Scissors

    Try your hand at Rock, Paper, Scissors and see if you have what it takes!

  • Busted Rhymes

    Busted Rhymes

    Hey man, dig these crazy poems!

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