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Dan loves discovering dinos and following dino tracks. Help Dan dig up fossils, and he'll share his dino facts.

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There are dinosaur bones buried in Dan's backyard, and he needs your kids' help locating them! Move the magnifying glass with the mouse and click on the bones you find. Sometimes the bones are hard to find and you might need a clue. Listen closely, and Dan and his dog, Doug, will guide you. If your magnifying glass is close to a bone, Doug will bark and wag his tail. When you've collected all the bones, you can help Dan determine what dinosaur they belong to by using your puzzle-piecing skills! Then Dan will share dino facts from his field guide and direct you to the dinosaur's habitat. Be sure to bring along your field guide and print your findings, because you'll want to record the fossils and facts you had fun discovering with Dino Dan!