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  • Dumpling Warrior (AD)

    Dumpling Warrior (AD)

    See if you can chop and slice faster than Po! (AD)

  • Bags Away

    Bags Away

    Bags away! It's a carry-on catastrophe.

  • Block Party

    Block Party

    Have you joined the Block Party? Explore the worlds of SpongeBob, Skipper, Sheen, Fanboy, Dudley Puppy, iCarly, and Victorious and party on!

  • A Log Way From Home

    A Log Way From Home

    You don't need to LOG in to LOG out in this game.

  • iHeart Valentine's Day Game

    iHeart Valentine's Day Game

    Can you keep up with iCarly's candy hearts? You'll need sharp eyes and fast hands to keep up with this Valentine's Day doozy!

  • Rangers Together, Samurai Forever!

    Rangers Together, Samurai Forever!

    Xandred and his Nighlok monsters are threatening Earth, help the Power Rangers put a stop to this evil!

  • Sheriff Wrangle (AD)

    Sheriff Wrangle (AD)

    Will Rango survive as a rough and tumble desert town's new sheriff? (AD)

  • Shaky Shooter (AD)

    Shaky Shooter (AD)

    Follow these rules and you'll have a shot at survival. (AD)

  • Hurricane Havoc

    Hurricane Havoc

    SpongeBob rides out a storm on a soap bubble blimp.

  • Legends of Bikini Bottom

    Legends of Bikini Bottom

    Be legendary! Play the Legends of Bikini Bottom game now.

  • RoboShot


    Put a stop to Plankton's plot by playing RoboShot?

  • The Secrets Within

    The Secrets Within

    What mysteries await you in Anubis House? Explore rooms and collect clues. Play now.

  • Nick Dodgers

    Nick Dodgers

    Get ready because this game is a ball...Dodgeball!

  • Christmas Stack-a-thon

    Christmas Stack-a-thon

    The iCarly fans sent in tons of gifts this year. Help Freddie stack and sort them!

  • Cosmic Collide (AD)

    Cosmic Collide (AD)

    It's a baby faceoff of intergalactic proportions! (AD)

  • Chop Chef

    Chop Chef

    Play SpongeBob Squarepants: Chop Chef Free Online Now - SpongeBob Games! Can you make the cut and become Chop Chef?

  • Gary's Revenge

    Gary's Revenge

    Can you survive the Puffy Fluffies?!

  • Fred: Figglehorn Fling

    Fred: Figglehorn Fling

    Send Fred flying! Play Figglehorn Fling!

  • Ghostly Grammar

    Ghostly Grammar

    Take our WORD for it, this game is scary fun!

  • Krusty Cashier

    Krusty Cashier

    SpongeBob makes sort change of the competition.

  • Equation Invasion

    Equation Invasion

    It's an all-out Equation Invasion! Play now!

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