Road Skunk Clickamajig

Rock, Paper, Scissors Clickamajig

Rocket Power: Biking

Rocket Power: Coloring Book

Rocket Power: Colorizer

Rocket Power: Crossword

Rocket Power: Half-Pipe Challenge

Rocket Power: Match Master

Rocket Power: Otto's Killer Carvin' Snowboard 3D Game

Rocket Power: Power Surf Challenge

Rocket Power: Squid's Slap Shot

Rocket Power: Squidtronic Scooter

Rocket Power: Twister Vision Video Maker

Rocko's Modern Life: Match Master

Rocko's Modern Life: Slider

Romeo!: Hangman

Romeo!: Word Search

Rude Toot Noisemaker Clickamajig

Rugrats: Bottle Blaster

Rugrats: Chuckie Chan

Rugrats: Coloring Book

Rugrats: Colorizer

Rugrats: Escalator Escape!

Rugrats: Escape from Ooey Gooey World

Rugrats: Go Wild Undersea A'venture

Rugrats: Hiccupping Dil

Rugrats: Match Master

Rugrats: Reptar Wagon

Rugrats: Slider

Rugrats: Sumo Motion

Rugrats All Grown Up: Bumper Car Blast

The Repugnant Rescue on Lake Lachrymose

The Rosebud 5000 Clickamajig