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  • Trick or Treat Tussle

    Trick or Treat Tussle

    Help the Turtles take down baddies and save Halloween!

  • Mean, Clean, Zombie...Brains

    Mean, Clean, Zombie...Brains

    Help the Monsters and an Alien defeat filthy zombies!

  • Fang In There!

    Fang In There!

    A vampire Patrick is after SpongeBob's Halloween candy. Help SpongeBob outrun him in this new game!

  • Plunder Blunder

    Plunder Blunder

    SpongeBob's on the run from ghost pirates! Help him escape before he has a plunder blunder!

  • Ghoul Getter

    Ghoul Getter

    SpongeBob's got a ghost of a tale to tell, help him get back to the Flying Dutchman's ship!

  • Monster Island

    Monster Island

    What? NO!? IT CAN'T BE! Did that just happen!?

  • Chuck n' Cluck

    Chuck n' Cluck

    This Barnyard game is EGGs-actly what you should play.

  • Zombiepond


    Protect SpongeBob's pumpkins from the pumpkin-devouring zombies!

  • Halloween Horror, FrankenBob's Quest Pt 2

    Halloween Horror, FrankenBob's Quest Pt 2

    The quest continues in part 2 of this Halloween Horror.

  • Candy Cannoneers

    Candy Cannoneers

    These Penguins make collecting Halloween candy a BLAST.

  • Halloween Horror, FrankenBob's Quest

    Halloween Horror, FrankenBob's Quest

    FrankenBob's Quest...Rid Bikini Bottom of GHOULISH creatures. Play NOW!

  • Ghost Slayer

    Ghost Slayer

    Ghostly Ghouls are no match for SpongeBob the Ghost Slayer!

  • Squidward's Sizzlin' Scare

    Squidward's Sizzlin' Scare

    It's a mad, sizzlin', scary scramble for Squidward as he tries to put out all the fires.

  • Dastardly Dirty Treats!

    Dastardly Dirty Treats!

    Attack of the Halloween candy! Help SpongeBob stop the sugary onslaught!

  • The Dark Abyss

    The Dark Abyss

    The pressure's intense in this SpongeBob game!

  • Creepy Candy Craze

    Creepy Candy Craze

    Help Otis satisfy his supernatural hunger for...CANDY!

  • Boo or BOOM

    Boo or BOOM

    Help destroy Plankton's plan to ruin Halloween!

  • Action Jack

    Action Jack

    Vaporize ghosts with some serious Fenton firepower!

  • Ship o' Ghouls

    Ship o' Ghouls

    Help SpongeBob escape the haunted Flying Dutchman!

  • Freak for All

    Freak for All

    Go ghost and back again and foil Freakshow's evil plot in this supernatural side-scroller!

  • Fright Flight

    Fright Flight

    Pit paranormal pilots against each other in a battle for Amity's skies!

Jack & Patrick Smerge

Patrick and Jack Griffo: both stars, both studs, combine to make one handsome creature!


The battle is BACK and this time it's in Bikini Bottom!