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  • Older Women game

    Older Women

    Help Arnold and Gerald impress the sixth grade girls in this digital comic!

  • Runaway Float game

    Runaway Float

    Helga's trapped on a runaway float and only you and Arnold can rescue her!

  • Tour De Pond game

    Tour De Pond

    Help Arnold show Rex Smythe Higgins who's king of the pond!

  • Sewer King game

    Sewer King

    Help Arnold save his grandfather's watch from the Sewer King!

  • Slider game


    Fix up our frazzled Football Head!

  • Meat Sale game

    Meat Sale

    Help Harold keep his job at the butcher shop! Three tries is all you get!

  • Match Master game

    Match Master

    Match your favorite city kid and his friends!

  • Dangerous Lumber game

    Dangerous Lumber

    When Arnold hits a baseball, his teammates better duck!!

  • Ice Hockey game

    Ice Hockey

    Football Head hits the ice!

  • Gerald's Nightmare game

    Gerald's Nightmare

    Steer Gerald through his nightmare—and avoid Harold's head!

  • Gelatin Joust game

    Gelatin Joust

    You're up against Big Bob Pataki in the world's jiggliest jousting match!

  • Helga's Diary game

    Helga's Diary

    Sneak a peek at Helga's innermost thoughts! Just don't let her catch you!

  • Coloring Book game

    Coloring Book

    Give a stylin' new look to your favorite city kid and his friends!

  • Arnoldini's Magic Game game

    Arnoldini's Magic Game

    Help The Great Arnoldini make his magic props disappear!