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  • Nick Racers Revolution 3D

    Nick Racers Revolution 3D

    Race the Revolution with your favorite Airbender, Aang!

  • The Ultimate iCarly Game

    The Ultimate iCarly Game

    Collect each character's favorite item to unlock a secret video for each level!

  • iGo to NY

    iGo to NY

    iCarly goes to New York! Hop in a cab, drive down the streets of NY and avoid obstacles in this new game!

  • Gibby Pinball

    Gibby Pinball

    Play a little game of pinball with Gibby! Launch the ball and see how many points you can rack up!

  • BottleBot


    The key to this a-mazing maze game...is finding all the keys! Can YOU guide BottleBot through this seemingly endless maze?

  • What's Gibby Thinking About?

    What's Gibby Thinking About?

    Gibby is always thinking of the most random things, but now his brain is almost full! Help clear his head!

  • iMove Stuff

    iMove Stuff

    Help iCarly get organized so she's not late for her show!

  • Spencer's Jerk Basket

    Spencer's Jerk Basket

    This game is baskets of fun. Grab those prizes!

  • Hillybilly Beans 'n Buckets

    Hillybilly Beans 'n Buckets

    Step right up and take a slingshot at this new game.

  • Nora's World

    Nora's World

    She's back...Again! Help the iCarlys escape in the all new Nora's World.

  • iCarly Trivia: Best of 2010

    iCarly Trivia: Best of 2010

    Think you know iCarly? Think again! Don't call yourself an iCarly fan until you have passed this super tough trivia challenge!

  • iStill Psycho

    iStill Psycho

    Nora's back! Help the iCarlys escape Nora and her psycho family.

  • Gibby's Sleigh Ride

    Gibby's Sleigh Ride

    Gibby and Guppy take Santa's sleigh on a joy ride! Help them deliver toys to the nice houses (and drop coal on the naughty!)

  • Spencer's Beavecoon Bounce

    Spencer's Beavecoon Bounce

    It's up to Spencer to help bounce beavecoons back to safety after hearing they've been falling out of trees at an alarming rate!

  • T-Bo's Fruit Toss

    T-Bo's Fruit Toss

    Turn T-Bo into Terrence Bo so Mrs. Benson will rent him a room in her loft!

  • Street Fishing

    Street Fishing

    Help Sam escape the mental institution!

  • Escape Game

    Escape Game

    Leap through the halls and collect keys to set Sam free so she can go home and film iCarly!

  • iFound Sasquatch

    iFound Sasquatch

    Look at that, you found Sasquatch!

  • Where Are the iCarlys?

    Where Are the iCarlys?

    The iCarlys have gone missing! Help them get back in time for their next web show. Can you find 'em all?

  • Sam's Arm Wrestlin' Challenge

    Sam's Arm Wrestlin' Challenge

    Stack up the food pellets and knock out The Sleepies to lead Sam to victory!

  • Memory Blast

    Memory Blast

    Test your memory and help Sam win some tasty Fat Cakes!

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