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  • iCarly: KCA Challenge!

    iCarly: KCA Challenge!

    You LOVE iCarly and you LOVE the KCAs so we think you'll LOVE this new KCA Challenge!

  • Best OMG Episodes

    Best OMG Episodes

    Pick the episodes YOU want to see this Saturday in a 3-hour iCarly marathon!

  • iSock it To 'Em (AD)

    iSock it To 'Em (AD)

    Use your time management talent to help Carly and crew create a giant sock sculpture! (AD)

  • Block Party

    Block Party

    Join in the Block Party fun with Sam and Cat and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

  • iCarly: Gibby & Guppy's Bike Jumper

    iCarly: Gibby & Guppy's Bike Jumper

    Gibby and Guppy fly high to collect cash! Launch bike brothers Gibby and Guppy into hyperspace and collect cash as you fly.

  • iHeart Valentine's Day Game

    iHeart Valentine's Day Game

    Can you keep up with iCarly's candy hearts? You'll need sharp eyes and fast hands to keep up with this Valentine's Day doozy!

  • iCarly Trivia: Who Said What?

    iCarly Trivia: Who Said What?

    Hey super-fan, guess Who Said What. You call yourself an iCarly addict? Test your knowledge with this super tough trivia game.

  • Christmas Stack-a-thon

    Christmas Stack-a-thon

    The iCarly fans sent in tons of gifts this year. Help Freddie stack and sort them!

  • Nick Racers Revolution 3D

    Nick Racers Revolution 3D

    Rev your engines, it's time for Revolution!

  • World of the Warlords

    World of the Warlords

    Bombard an army of vegetarian soldiers with meat bombs before they take your castle!

  • Bust a Ghost

    Bust a Ghost

    Bop these ghosts back where they came from!

  • Secret Spot: iCarly

    Secret Spot: iCarly

    Listen carefully for the secret words and find the Secret Spot!

  • Finish That Line Number 2!

    Finish That Line Number 2!

    How well do you know the iCarly crew? Can you complete their sentences?

  • Nick: Action Packed!

    Nick: Action Packed!

    Could this game BE more Action Packed?!

  • Gummy Bear Burst

    Gummy Bear Burst

    Mix and match your gummies in this tasty puzzle game!

  • iSurf


    Help Sam surf to shore in this radical iCarly game!

  • iDefeat Psychos

    iDefeat Psychos

    Psychos have kidnapped Carly, Sam, and Freddie!

  • iSpeed Race

    iSpeed Race

    Race as iCarly and rev up their racecar in this speed-tacular game!

  • Nick Racers

    Nick Racers

    Now featuring Tori Vega from Victorious!

  • iSpace Out

    iSpace Out

    Carly's lost in space! Help her get home to the gang!

  • iCarly vs Big Foot

    iCarly vs Big Foot

    Ahh! Don't let Big Foot catch you!

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