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KCA 2014: Loco Motions

Kids' Choice Awards

KCA 2014: Loco Motions

Blimposters are trying to ruin the 2014 KCAs! Dodge them and pick up the real blimps across each wacky world.

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Game Art

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Game Description

The Kids’ Choice Awards are nothing without those fun, orange blimps given out to award winners! Blimposters are trying to ruin the the award show, but you can’t let that happen in Kids’ Choice Awards: KCA Loco Motions! Dodge the Blimposters and pick up all of the real blimps as you ride through wacky worlds on a motorcycle! Play Kids’ Choice Awards: KCA Loco Motions and other free online games on

How to Play:

Press the spacebar to jump and hold down the spacebar to jump higher.