All kids choice awards games
  • KCA Loco Motions

    KCA Loco Motions

    Blimposters are trying to ruin the 2014 KCAs! Dodge them and pick up the real blimps across each wacky world.

  • KCA Brain Blitz 2014

    KCA Brain Blitz 2014

    KCA Brain Blitz 2014 Test your KCA knowledge here! Sponsored by Cinnamon Toast Crunch

  • Prime Time Slime

    Prime Time Slime

    It's time to get primed for major slime!

  • Pinball Slimecade

    Pinball Slimecade

    Check out the all-new KCA 2013 Pinball Slimecade game and see if you can reach a highscore!

  • KCA 2013: Multiplayer Trivia

    KCA 2013: Multiplayer Trivia

    Think you know KCAs? Think you know celebs? Go head to head and find out!

  • Slime Task Force

    Slime Task Force

    Get your slime on in the secret slime lab.

  • KCA Brain Blitz 2012

    KCA Brain Blitz 2012

    Brand new quiz EVERY week until the KCA's!

  • Smash, Crash, Slime!

    Smash, Crash, Slime!

    Smash, crash and slime your way to the 2011 KCAs with Jack Black!

  • KCA Brain Blitz 2011

    KCA Brain Blitz 2011

    Brand new quiz EVERY week! All month long!

  • Orange Carpet Quest

    Orange Carpet Quest

    The road to the KCAs is paved in slime! Collect as much as you can and skate your way to the KCAs. Play now!

  • KCA Brain Blitz

    KCA Brain Blitz

    Test your knowledge of all your favorite KCA nominees!

  • Fast Lane Dwayne

    Fast Lane Dwayne

    Take the wheel as Special Agent Dwayne Johnson! Play now!

  • Amped Up!

    Amped Up!

    ROCK out, 2008 KCAs style in this raucous rhythm game!

  • Trivia Quiz 2007

    Trivia Quiz 2007

    How much do YOU know about your fave '07 nominees? Take the KCA 2007 Trivia Quiz!

  • Hangman 2007

    Hangman 2007

    Find the winning words before your fave celebs get SLIMED!

  • Trivia Quiz 2006

    Trivia Quiz 2006

    Would YOU win KCA Trivia Know-It-All? Take the quiz and find out!

  • Hangman 2006

    Hangman 2006

    Find the winning words before your fave celebs get SLIMED!

  • Hangman 2005

    Hangman 2005

    Find the winning words before your fave celebs get SLIMED!

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