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Monsters Vs Aliens: Ginormica's Size Rider

Monsters Vs. Aliens

Ginormica's Size Rider

Help Ginormica's shrink and grow to avoid obstacles and collect quantonium. Play now.

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Game Art

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Game Description

Yikes! Coverton has scattered Quantonium all over Area Fifty-Something in Monsters vs Aliens: Ginormicas Size Ride and your help is needed to collect it all! Search throughout Area Fifty-Something as Ginormica, but watch out for the overhangs and shrink Ginormica so she can fit in those small spaces! Pick up all the Quantonium along the way, as well as fuel cells to keep the platform powered up! Play Monsters vs Aliens: Ginormicas Size Rider and other free online games on

How to Play:

Click the screen with the mouse button and hold it down to shrink Ginormica and release the mouse button to get Ginormica back to her normal size.