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  • The Game (AD) game

    The Game (AD)

    Help the Guardians defeat Pitch and protect the children all over the world! (AD)

  • Legendary Pinball (AD) game

    Legendary Pinball (AD)

    Help Guardians protect the hopes and dreams of kids around the world. (AD)

  • Elf Ding-A-Long (AD) game

    Elf Ding-A-Long (AD)

    Create your own musical masterpiece with Elf Ding-Along. (AD)

  • Memory Game (AD) game

    Memory Game (AD)

    Join Jack Frost and the rest of the Guardians by matching squares. (AD)

  • Race Across Europe (AD) game

    Race Across Europe (AD)

    Are you ready to race across Europe with your favorite Madagascar 3 characters? (AD)

  • Banana Blaster (AD) game

    Banana Blaster (AD)

    Stop Dubois and her henchmen before it's too late! (AD)

  • Kung Fu Panda 2: Kung Fu Rumble (AD) game

    Kung Fu Panda 2: Kung Fu Rumble (AD)

    Po's on a mission to defeat Lord Shen! (AD)

  • Race to the Treasure (AD) game

    Race to the Treasure (AD)

    Be the first to find the treasure! (AD)

  • Puss in Boots: Dancing Boots (AD) game

    Puss in Boots: Dancing Boots (AD)

    Compete in the ultimate dance off! (AD)

  • The Legend of Puss in Boots (AD) game

    The Legend of Puss in Boots (AD)

    Can you find all the magic beans and defeat Jack and Jill? (AD)

  • Capture the Magic Beans (AD) game

    Capture the Magic Beans (AD)

    Don't get caught by Jack! (AD)

  • Dumpling Warrior (AD) game

    Dumpling Warrior (AD)

    See if you can chop and slice faster than Po! (AD)

  • Black Hole game

    Black Hole

    The Best Player with the best score will win 175,500 ClubPoints.

  • Sheriff Wrangle (AD) game

    Sheriff Wrangle (AD)

    Will Rango survive as a rough and tumble desert town's new sheriff? (AD)

  • Shaky Shooter (AD) game

    Shaky Shooter (AD)

    Follow these rules and you'll have a shot at survival. (AD)

  • Cosmic Collide (AD) game

    Cosmic Collide (AD)

    It's a baby faceoff of intergalactic proportions! (AD)

  • Metro City Madness (AD) game

    Metro City Madness (AD)

    Save Metro City from Tighten! Play Now (AD)

  • Path of a Hero (AD) game

    Path of a Hero (AD)

    Help Aang continue on his path, part 1 UNLOCKED!(AD)

  • Path of a Hero (AD) game

    Path of a Hero (AD)

    Help Aang continue on his path, part 2 UNLOCKED!(AD)

  • Pick Your Power Quiz (AD) game

    Pick Your Power Quiz (AD)

    More Airbender Here! (AD)

  • Merry Shrekmas Showdown (AD) game

    Merry Shrekmas Showdown (AD)

    Help Shrek on his mission to find Rumpelstiltskin's Castle! (AD)