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  • Flight School (AD) game

    Flight School (AD)

    More Dragons Here! (AD)

  • Dragon Training (AD) game

    Dragon Training (AD)

    More Dragons Here! (AD)

  • Cooking Up Trouble game

    Cooking Up Trouble

    It's up to YOU to help Olivia and her dad cook up trouble! Play now!

  • Googaa Hunt game

    Googaa Hunt

    Avoid obstacles and track down the Googaa blanket!

  • Alien Trackdown Smackdown game

    Alien Trackdown Smackdown

    Aliens are on the loose! Catch 'em in this "Monsters vs. Aliens" game!

  • Ultimate Challenge game

    Ultimate Challenge

    Jump in the ring in this "Monsters vs. Aliens" game!

  • Doggie Daycare game

    Doggie Daycare

    Treat these dogs like the stars they are! Play now!

  • Runaround game


    Get your pooch to the party on time in this "Hotel for Dogs" game!

  • Bag Bonk (AD) game

    Bag Bonk (AD)

    (AD) Grannie's going it's your turn to bonk away!

  • Escape Africa game

    Escape Africa

    Load the luggage on the plane using Marty's powerful kick!

  • Flightplan (AD) game

    Flightplan (AD)

    Who said penguins can't fly? Play now!

  • Intense Training (AD) game

    Intense Training (AD)

    Put your gym class heroics to the test in this collection of mini-games!

  • The Field of Fiery Danger (AD) game

    The Field of Fiery Danger (AD)

    (AD) Help Po traverse the field of fiery danger in this HOT new game!

  • Word Search (AD) game

    Word Search (AD)

    (AD) Fight your way through this Kung Fu Panda word search!

  • The Adversary (AD) game

    The Adversary (AD)

    (AD) Help Po defeat a practice dummy that just won't quit!

  • Creature Collection (AD) game

    Creature Collection (AD)

    (AD) Test your memory skills in this monstrously entertaining game!

  • Escape the Grove (AD) game

    Escape the Grove (AD)

    (AD) Protect the field guide and race back to the mansion before it's too late!

  • Siege on Spiderwick Mansion (AD) game

    Siege on Spiderwick Mansion (AD)

    (AD) Goblins are on the rampage! Protect the mansion and save the Field Guide!

  • Spiderwick: Save Simon (AD) game

    Spiderwick: Save Simon (AD)

    (AD) Solve the words to rescue Simon, but beware of mistakes...and Mulgarath!

  • Thimbletack's Clues (AD) game

    Thimbletack's Clues (AD)

    (AD) Find Thimbletack's hidden words in this "Spiderwick" word search!

  • Runaway Pig (AD) game

    Runaway Pig (AD)

    (AD) Wilbur's on a wild ride--steer him to safety!