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  • Templeton's Junkyard Dash (AD) game

    Templeton's Junkyard Dash (AD)

    (AD) Help Templeton scavenge some scrumptious scraps!

  • Pig Out (AD) game

    Pig Out (AD)

    (AD) Help Wilbur bounce out of the barn.

  • Sewer Estates (AD) game

    Sewer Estates (AD)

    Create your own Flushed Away: Sewer Estates room! (AD)

  • Personality Quiz game

    Personality Quiz

    Are you MOO-re obviously an Otis or do you party like Pip? Find out!

  • Andale, Nacho, Andale! game

    Andale, Nacho, Andale!

    (AD) Put pedal to the metal in this muy rapido Nacho Libre racer!

  • Ultimate Lucha Battle (AD) game

    Ultimate Lucha Battle (AD)

    (AD) Create your own Luchadores in this Nacho Libre wrestling game!

  • Nacho Libre Personality (AD) game

    Nacho Libre Personality (AD)

    (AD) Do you matcho-o with Nacho? Take this quiz and find out!

  • Nacho Match-O (AD) game

    Nacho Match-O (AD)

    (AD) Got what it takes to intimidate Nacho and his adversaries? Play now!

  • Splatter Battle (AD) game

    Splatter Battle (AD)

    (AD) Soak your siblings before they splat you!

  • Video Puzzle (AD) game

    Video Puzzle (AD)

    (AD) Spin out answers to these Spidey video puzzles!

  • Daddy Day Camp game

    Daddy Day Camp

    It's soak or be soaked in this wet 'n wild game!

  • Rockin' Autographs (AD) game

    Rockin' Autographs (AD)

    (AD) Create your own autographed photos of Hairspray stars!

  • Chicken Joes Local Lingo game

    Chicken Joes Local Lingo

    Before you shred the surf, you gotta learn to talk the talk!

  • Memory Match game

    Memory Match

    Test your Spidey senses with this Spider-Man 3 matching game!

  • Sewer Surfing (AD) game

    Sewer Surfing (AD)

    Speed through the sewer in this Flushed Away racing game! (AD)

  • Charlotte's Web Hangman game

    Charlotte's Web Hangman

    Guess the missing words before Templeton loses his trash.

  • Word Search (AD) game

    Word Search (AD)

    (AD) Untangle the words from this web of jumbled letters!

  • Charlotte's Quiz game

    Charlotte's Quiz

    (AD) Are you a Wilbur, Templeton, Charlotte or Fern? Find out!

  • Cow Tips game

    Cow Tips

    Need advice? Take some pointers from a bona fide animal oracle!

  • Boy Tipping game

    Boy Tipping

    Take revenge on cow tipping kids in this 3D "Barnyard" adventure!

  • Egg-cellent Adventure game

    Egg-cellent Adventure

    Help Pip keep the hen-house safe from Dag's claws and jaws!