Multiplayer Games

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  • Pai Sho

    Pai Sho

    Play the ancient game of Pai Sho and see if you can be the reigning champion.

  • SpongeBob Squared Multiplayer

    SpongeBob Squared Multiplayer

    A BRAND NEW MULTIPLAYER game is here! Can SpongeBob or Patrick make more squares?

  • KCA 2013: Multiplayer Trivia

    KCA 2013: Multiplayer Trivia

    Think you know KCAs? Think you know celebs? Go head to head and find out!

  • Portals of Power Multiplayer

    Portals of Power Multiplayer

    Stop those Moogers from entering the city from their portals in this new multiplayer Power Rangers Game! Go Go Samurai!

  • Super Mini Puzzle Heroes

    Super Mini Puzzle Heroes

    Do you have what it takes to be a Super Mini Puzzle Hero?

  • Super SpongeBomber Multiplayer

    Super SpongeBomber Multiplayer

    Arrr! Hit the high seas for Super SpongeBomber Multiplayer!

  • Dojo Defend

    Dojo Defend

    Team up with your friends to defeat the Moogers!

  • Unleashed!


    Play for the forces of good, or choose to be a BAD DOG and rule Petropolis!

  • iPinball


    Your crew will have a ball playing the classic game with an iCarly twist.

  • The Big Green Help Global Challenge

    The Big Green Help Global Challenge

    Team up to battle CO2 monsters as your favorite Nicktoon & pledge to go green!

  • SlimeBall Multiplayer

    SlimeBall Multiplayer

    Pick your favorite Nicktoon and join the MULTIPLAYER slime-slinging battle!

  • Oh Snow You Didn't!

    Oh Snow You Didn't!

    Oh Snow You Didn't! You should Play NOW.

  • All Cooped Up

    All Cooped Up

    The Thanksgiving turkeys flew the coop! Help Otis round em' up.

  • Servin' Up Seconds

    Servin' Up Seconds

    The pressure's on to serve Thanksgiving.

  • Fortress Fight 2

    Fortress Fight 2

    Smash your opponent's fortress before yours is reduced to rubble!

  • Bikini Bottom Carnival Part Three

    Bikini Bottom Carnival Part Three

    NINE SpongeBob Carnival games, all in one place!

  • Bikini Bottom Carnival Part Two

    Bikini Bottom Carnival Part Two

    SpongeBob and Patrick are back in this undersea party!

  • Smooth Moves

    Smooth Moves

    Help Addie shake up some serious smoothies!

  • Bikini Bottom Carnival Part One

    Bikini Bottom Carnival Part One

    Play games galore at an undersea party!

  • This Means War!

    This Means War!

    It's a feline fight to the finish in this Catscratch multiplayer melee!

  • Fortress Fight

    Fortress Fight

    Go head to head vs. a friend in this multiplayer Avatar game!

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