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  • AddictingGames: Jewelanche 2

    AddictingGames: Jewelanche 2

    Make chains of gems on!

  • AddictingGames: Vex

    AddictingGames: Vex

    Stick dude is ready for more danger. Now get out there and platform!

  • AddictingGames: Rollin'

    AddictingGames: Rollin'

    Avoid the fall, as this maze is dangerously high above the ground. Fewer moves equals more stars!

  • Chickaboom


    Silly baby chickens! Too young to leave the nest! Bring them back to earth with bubblegum. Pop a bubble to drop some chickens.

  • AddictingGames: Free Rider 3

    AddictingGames: Free Rider 3

    Draw your own bike levels and rock the ramps!

  • Droplem


    Can't make your pieces fall right? Cut them up!

  • iCarly Trivia: Best of 2010

    iCarly Trivia: Best of 2010

    Think you know iCarly? Think again! Don't call yourself an iCarly fan until you have passed this super tough trivia challenge!

  • KCA Brain Blitz 2012

    KCA Brain Blitz 2012

    Brand new quiz EVERY week until the KCA's!

  • iStill Psycho

    iStill Psycho

    Nora's back! Help the iCarlys escape Nora and her psycho family.

  • Cat's Alien Winter Wipeout

    Cat's Alien Winter Wipeout

    Cat's dreaming about aliens again but this time they're totally chill! Try Cat's WINTERIZED Alien Wipeout Game now!

  • Gibby's Sleigh Ride

    Gibby's Sleigh Ride

    Gibby and Guppy take Santa's sleigh on a joy ride! Help them deliver toys to the nice houses (and drop coal on the naughty!)

  • The Jelly Piper

    The Jelly Piper

    SpongeBob's got a nose for music! Help him make the longest Jellyfish train ever!

  • The Quickster!

    The Quickster!

    Super Hero's should be light on their feet - sounds like a job for The Quickster!

  • Pizza Perfect

    Pizza Perfect

    The Krusty Krab is now serving pizza! Help SpongeBob make the perfect pizza pie!

  • Gifts a Go-Go!

    Gifts a Go-Go!

    With the gifts safe it's time to give them out to all the good anchovies. Help SpongeBob hand out holiday cheer!

  • Operation Holiday Hero

    Operation Holiday Hero

    Plankton is hiding everyone's gifts over at the chum bucket; this calls for a holiday hero!

  • Spotless SpongeBob

    Spotless SpongeBob

    Washing hands is a drag...of the mouse!

  • Squared Away

    Squared Away

    This game is stacks of fun!

  • Degrassi's Most Epic Kisses

    Degrassi's Most Epic Kisses

    Rank the most momentous kisses in Degrassi history!

  • Kung Fu Panda 2: Kung Fu Rumble (AD)

    Kung Fu Panda 2: Kung Fu Rumble (AD)

    Po's on a mission to defeat Lord Shen! (AD)

  • Gift Lift

    Gift Lift

    Plankton is after all the gifts in Bikini Bottom and only you him? That can't be right...

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