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  • Grand Prix Go

    Grand Prix Go

    Ready to Race? Bring your driving gloves. These cars look cute, but they pack a punch! Practice on each course before race day. Then qualify for your pole position. Drive like a madman, win some bucks, and upgrade that car! Place in the top three to unlock the next track. If you have epic driving abilities, you can unlock the Pro Series and take your wheels to the next level!

  • Spencer's Beavecoon Bounce

    Spencer's Beavecoon Bounce

    It's up to Spencer to help bounce beavecoons back to safety after hearing they've been falling out of trees at an alarming rate!

  • Whale of a Sale

    Whale of a Sale

    There's a whale of a sale happening at the toy store! Help SpongeBob keep customers happy!

  • Girreatest Zim Moments

    Girreatest Zim Moments

    Vote for your favorite Invader Zim Moment! Then see which one ranks the highest!

  • Banquet Bolt

    Banquet Bolt

    SpongeBob and Squidward are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at the Krusty Krab! Help SpongeBob serve all the anchovies in this new game!

  • Dinner Defenders

    Dinner Defenders

    It's up to SpongeBob and Gary to protect Mr. Krabs newest thanksgiving recipe - the Turkey Patty!

  • Gogurt: Bird Game (AD)

    Gogurt: Bird Game (AD)

    Fly like a bird and win! (AD)

  • Race to the Treasure (AD)

    Race to the Treasure (AD)

    Be the first to find the treasure! (AD)

  • Curve Ball

    Curve Ball

    Take pong to the third dimension and make the curve count.

  • SpongeBob's Super Bouncy Fun Time (AD)

    SpongeBob's Super Bouncy Fun Time (AD)

    It's jellyfish migration time! Help SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick catch them all in this mobile adventure!

  • Which Turtle Are You?

    Which Turtle Are You?

    Does your blood run orange, red, blue or purple? Trick question! It runs green! But no two Turtles are exactly alike. Take this quiz and find out which Turtle is your best personality match.

  • Avatar The Last Airbender: Quotes Brain Blitz

    Avatar The Last Airbender: Quotes Brain Blitz

    Can you guess who said these quotes from Avatar The Last Airbender? Play now!

  • Quirky Turkey

    Quirky Turkey

    Patrick decided to dress up as a turkey and now SpongeBob thinks he's dinner! Try and escape SpongeBob in this new game!

  • T-Bo's Fruit Toss

    T-Bo's Fruit Toss

    Turn T-Bo into Terrence Bo so Mrs. Benson will rent him a room in her loft!

  • Oh Snap! Road Trip!

    Oh Snap! Road Trip!

    Oh snap! It's time for a road trip! Play Now!

  • Tales of Po

    Tales of Po

    Follow the epic adventures of Po as he relives the tales of the mighty DRAGON WARRIOR!

  • Winx Club: Dress Me Up!

    Winx Club: Dress Me Up!

    NEW outfits added for more Winx Dress Up fun!

  • Fang In There!

    Fang In There!

    A vampire Patrick is after SpongeBob's Halloween candy. Help SpongeBob outrun him in this new game!

  • Rank It!: Who Inspires YOU?

    Rank It!: Who Inspires YOU?

    Pick who inspires you the most and see who are the most inspirational people!

  • Puss in Boots: Dancing Boots (AD)

    Puss in Boots: Dancing Boots (AD)

    Compete in the ultimate dance off! (AD)

  • Plunder Blunder

    Plunder Blunder

    SpongeBob's on the run from ghost pirates! Help him escape before he has a plunder blunder!

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