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  • Picture Day Disaster

    Picture Day Disaster

    Help SpongeBob steer clear of tomato bombs.

  • Hot Sand Hustle

    Hot Sand Hustle

    Get Patrick an ice cream but keep SpongeBob's feet flameless!

  • Number Power

    Number Power

    Play Kowalski's training game now!

  • Sudoku of the Sponge

    Sudoku of the Sponge

    The sum of these numbers equals 1 fun game!

  • Plankton Pong

    Plankton Pong

    Bounce energy bursts at Plankton's beloved Computer Wife!

  • Leaving Loki's Lockup

    Leaving Loki's Lockup

    Meet Hans Hans, the Biking Viking in this puzzle adventure game.

  • Toy Store Trial

    Toy Store Trial

    Match all the cards to win this Toy Store of Doom memory game.

  • Chum is Fum

    Chum is Fum

    Keep the anchovies in single file all the way to the Chum Bucket or it's no chum for them.

  • Squidward's Sizzlin' Scare

    Squidward's Sizzlin' Scare

    It's a mad, sizzlin', scary scramble for Squidward as he tries to put out all the fires.

  • Patrick's Hat Trick

    Patrick's Hat Trick

    The (water) pressure's on to collect as many hats as you can for Patrick.

  • Sand Castle Hassle

    Sand Castle Hassle

    Stop Patrick from invading SpongeBob's massive sand castle with little sand men.

  • Pian Oh No!

    Pian Oh No!

    Help Plankton play a song for his wife, Karen. But beware the human finger.

  • Cook It 'n' Book It

    Cook It 'n' Book It

    Help Squidward collect keys fast to unlock the right door to find his vacuum cleaner.

  • Operation Ice Fish

    Operation Ice Fish

    Help the Penguins complete their latest mission: Operation Ice Fish.

  • iBreak Thru

    iBreak Thru

    Help Carly and crew break through the blocks.

  • Race to the Goo Lagoon

    Race to the Goo Lagoon

    Play as SpongeBob or Patrick in this Goo-y board game.

  • RoundPants Runaround

    RoundPants Runaround

    Collect square pants, avoid round's that simple.

  • Robot Ruckus

    Robot Ruckus

    Battle some bad 'bots in this SpongeBob game!

  • UmiCar's Shape Mountain Race

    UmiCar's Shape Mountain Race

    Racers, start your engines! Team Umizoomi needs help racing up Shape Mountain, collecting super power shapes, and avoiding obstacles to beat Dump Truck to the top!

  • Dora's Alphabet Forest Adventure

    Dora's Alphabet Forest Adventure

    Help Dora and Boots find all the missing letters and ABC Explorer Stars! Start collecting now!

  • Nick Pals (AD)

    Nick Pals (AD)

    Take care of Nickelodeon's most famous pets! (AD)

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