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  • Mini Games

    Mini Games

    They're the burpin'est, fartin'est ever carved from clay!

  • Polar Bear Bounce

    Polar Bear Bounce

    Score big points AND save the environment!

  • What's the Diff?

    What's the Diff?

    Test your eagle eye with this Zoey game!

  • Dirty Bubble Busters

    Dirty Bubble Busters

    Help SpongeBob and Pat rid Bikini Bottom of unrecycled trash!

  • Bounce 'n' Burst

    Bounce 'n' Burst

    You gotta be quick to hang with the gang from TEENnick!, gotw

  • Shear Madness

    Shear Madness

    Timmy's got the power of flight...and great hair!

  • Rise of the Phoenix King

    Rise of the Phoenix King

    Square off in the ultimate battle for bending supremacy!

  • Stuff Shuffle

    Stuff Shuffle

    Help Carly and Sam catch falling props!

  • Amped Up!

    Amped Up!

    ROCK out, 2008 KCAs style in this raucous rhythm game!

  • Lead the Beat!

    Lead the Beat!

    Stop Bobby Love from sabotaging Nat and Alex's show!

  • The Krab-o-Matic 3000

    The Krab-o-Matic 3000

    Keep Plankton away from the precious Patties!

  • Puppet Showdown

    Puppet Showdown

    Help Carly's bro put on a show...a puppet show, that is!

  • Match Point!

    Match Point!

    Show off your wicked backhand in this Zoey 101 tennis game!

  • Boiling Rock Rescue

    Boiling Rock Rescue

    It's the ultimate jailbreak! Help save prisoners of the evil Fire Nation!

  • Spitwad Showdown

    Spitwad Showdown

    Join the greatest undersea spitwad battle of all time!

  • Escape the Grove (AD)

    Escape the Grove (AD)

    (AD) Protect the field guide and race back to the mansion before it's too late!

  • Spiderwick: Save Simon (AD)

    Spiderwick: Save Simon (AD)

    (AD) Solve the words to rescue Simon, but beware of mistakes...and Mulgarath!

  • Thimbletack's Clues (AD)

    Thimbletack's Clues (AD)

    (AD) Find Thimbletack's hidden words in this Spiderwick word search!

  • Tastes Just Like Chicken

    Tastes Just Like Chicken

    Save Peck from Freddie's insatiable appetite!

  • Decision of Destiny

    Decision of Destiny

    What's your destiny? The fate of El Tigre lies in YOUR hands!

  • Prank You Very Much!

    Prank You Very Much!

    Who's the prankster, who's the prankee? Find out in this game!

SpongeBob's Instaclam!

The votes are in: SpongeBob and his fave sea-shell network are the most LOL-worthy!


The battle is BACK and this time it's in Bikini Bottom!