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  • Find Those Puppies Game

    Find Those Puppies Game

    Let's help Dora look for the puppies by the road, by the river, and on the farm!

  • Bubble Guppies Firefighters

    Bubble Guppies Firefighters

    Oh no! There's a fire-breathing dragon flying around the kingdom. Will you help Molly and Gil find him and put out the fires?

  • Bubble Guppies - Bubble Puppy Treat Pop

    Bubble Guppies - Bubble Puppy Treat Pop

    Bubble Puppy likes all sorts of treats--red, yellow, square, big, and small! Will you help him get the treats?

  • Peter Rabbit: Nutkin's Nut Catch Game

    Peter Rabbit: Nutkin's Nut Catch Game

    Nutkin has put Peter and his pals up to the greatest nut challenge ever! It’s really really hard, but a good rabbit never gives up!

  • Team Umizoomi Shark Car Race to the Ferry

    Team Umizoomi Shark Car Race to the Ferry

    UmiFriends, it’s time for action! Let’s help Shark Car race through the beach, collect seashells, jump over sand castles and slippery seaweed.

  • Fairy Photo Booth (AD)

    Fairy Photo Booth (AD)

    Take photos of your favorite Winx dolls!(AD)

  • General Mills: Fruitsnackia (AD)

    General Mills: Fruitsnackia (AD)

    (AD) Welcome to Fruitsnackia! Learn to speak Snackian and discover this delicious new land!

  • BottleBot


    The key to this a-mazing maze finding all the keys! Can YOU guide BottleBot through this seemingly endless maze?

  • My Fairy Pet

    My Fairy Pet

    Care for a Fairy Pet of your very own!

  • LEGO SpongeBob (AD)

    LEGO SpongeBob (AD)

    Click here to help find your four underwater friends! (AD)

  • TMNT: Sewer Run

    TMNT: Sewer Run

    Can you help the Turtles deFEET the foot soldiers?

  • Mood Match

    Mood Match

    Match moody faces and clear as many emoticons as you can!

  • Gym Class Hero (AD)

    Gym Class Hero (AD)

    (AD)Dress little dude in Chuck Taylor All Star Crayola Collection shoes and take him for an adventure through the school gym. Win and print your own coloring book image!

  • Go Go Ogo!

    Go Go Ogo!

    Oh no, it's Ogo! He desperately wants to read to you from his journal. Better get away fast!

  • Tartar Tantrum

    Tartar Tantrum

    Help Patrick get rid of those pesky snails! Sprinkle tartar sauce and watch them hide in their shells!

  • Throw Back!

    Throw Back!

    The turtles are kickin' it old school. Use your turtle power to deFEET the foot!

  • Camp Fred

    Camp Fred

    Help Fred and Camp Iwannapeepee win the annual summer games against Camp Superior and Fred's arch nemesis Kevin!

  • Badge Madness!

    Badge Madness!

    Earn badges while you play your favorite games!

  • What's Gibby Thinking About?

    What's Gibby Thinking About?

    Gibby is always thinking of the most random things, but now his brain is almost full! Help clear his head!

  • Do You Believix?

    Do You Believix?

    Hang with the Winx, go on quests and find the real fairy in you!

  • Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure!

    Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure!

    Swiper swipes Dora's special ribbon! She needs your help & her special gymnastic moves to get it back!

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