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  • Operation Ice Fish

    Operation Ice Fish

    Help the Penguins complete their latest mission: Operation Ice Fish.

  • Pollution Solution

    Pollution Solution

    Play as every penguin in this awesome eco-friendly adventure.

  • Julien Boogie

    Julien Boogie

    Check out King Julien's marsupial moves! Play now!

  • Private Panic

    Private Panic

    Mort's in mortal peril! Rescue him in this game!

  • Nuts for Peanuts

    Nuts for Peanuts

    Keep the elephants happy by feeding them peanuts...or ELSE!

  • Whack-a-Mort Game

    Whack-a-Mort Game

    Mort's so cute he's annoying! Play now!

  • Personality Quiz

    Personality Quiz

    Find out your Penguins personality. Play now!

  • Gull Grabber

    Gull Grabber

    The penguins' lunch is in peril, and only you can save it! Play now!

  • Arctic Boot Camp Blitz

    Arctic Boot Camp Blitz

    Get your slide on with the Penguins!

  • Escape Africa

    Escape Africa

    Load the luggage on the plane using Marty's powerful kick!

  • Bag Bonk (AD)

    Bag Bonk (AD)

    (AD) Grannie's going it's your turn to bonk away!

  • Flightplan (AD)

    Flightplan (AD)

    Who said penguins can't fly? Play now!

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