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  • World of Winx game

    World of Winx

    The Trix have lured the Winx to Cloud Tower, help the girls get Stella's ring back!

  • Legends of Bikini Bottom: Weresquirrel game

    Legends of Bikini Bottom: Weresquirrel

    Sandy is transformed by magic moonlight!

  • Nick: Action Packed! game

    Nick: Action Packed!

    Could this game BE more Action Packed?!

  • Path of a Hero (AD) game

    Path of a Hero (AD)

    Help Aang continue on his path, part 1 UNLOCKED!(AD)

  • Path of a Hero (AD) game

    Path of a Hero (AD)

    Help Aang continue on his path, part 2 UNLOCKED!(AD)

  • Bubble Trouble game

    Bubble Trouble

    Boys in a bubble sure can cause trouble..

  • Unfairly OddParents game

    Unfairly OddParents

    Watch your step in this Fairly unfair game!

  • Deep Freeze Freak Out game

    Deep Freeze Freak Out

    It's a frigid face off in this SpongeBob game!

  • Deep Sea Leap game

    Deep Sea Leap

    SpongeBob's got serious spring in this game.

  • Leaving Loki's Lockup game

    Leaving Loki's Lockup

    Meet Hans Hans, the Biking Viking in this puzzle adventure game.

  • Bubble Blower game

    Bubble Blower

    Help Patrick keep the biggest bubble ever from popping!

  • Jelly Jumpin Jamboree game

    Jelly Jumpin Jamboree

    Who knew jellyfish were so helpful? Play now!

  • Dastardly Dirty Treats! game

    Dastardly Dirty Treats!

    Attack of the Halloween candy! Help SpongeBob stop the sugary onslaught!

  • Creepy Candy Craze game

    Creepy Candy Craze

    Help Otis satisfy his supernatural hunger for...CANDY!

  • WhoBob WhatPants??? game

    WhoBob WhatPants???

    Help SpongeBob find himself...and pop some really nasty bubbles!

  • Studio Swing game

    Studio Swing

    Avoid rock 'n roll's treacherous pitfalls in this classic "Naked Brothers Band" game!

  • Shear Madness game

    Shear Madness

    Timmy's got the power of flight...and great hair!

  • Elemental Escape game

    Elemental Escape

    Help Aang and the gang escape from a Fire Nation prison!

  • Dutchman's Dash game

    Dutchman's Dash

    Play as SpongeBob or Patrick and SAVE GARY!!!

  • Friend or Foe game

    Friend or Foe

    Plankton and Krabs...PALS??? Play this UNTHINKABLE game!

  • Guts 'n' Glory game

    Guts 'n' Glory

    Help a shrunken Timmy escape from Pappy's icky insides!