Power Rangers: Super SamuraiTV-Y7-FV

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  • Forever Red

    Forever Red

    The Red Rangers must unite to defeat the evil that threatens them all! Play Forever Red.

  • Portals of Power Multiplayer

    Portals of Power Multiplayer

    Stop those Moogers from entering the city from their portals in this new multiplayer Power Rangers Game! Go Go Samurai!

  • Super Mini Puzzle Heroes

    Super Mini Puzzle Heroes

    Do you have what it takes to be a Super Mini Puzzle Hero?

  • Super Samurai

    Super Samurai

    All NEW Shogun Mode unlocked! Can you reach level 20? Play now

  • Dojo Defend

    Dojo Defend

    Team up with your friends to defeat the Moogers!

  • Battle Arena!

    Battle Arena!

    Play Power Rangers Samurai: Rangers Together, Samurai Forever! Free Online Now - Nick Action Games! It's a no holds barred, brawl for it all! Who will be your Battle Arena champion?

  • Meet Your Mega Monster Match!

    Meet Your Mega Monster Match!

    Power Rangers' fancy suits and helmets are no match for you mega monster! Find your monster match!

  • Rangers Together, Samurai Forever!

    Rangers Together, Samurai Forever!

    Xandred and his Nighlok monsters are threatening Earth, help the Power Rangers put a stop to this evil!

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