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  • Skit Scavenger

    Skit Scavenger

    Find the funny! Play this iCarly game now!

  • iLook-A-Like


    Get ready for some down & dirty detective work! Play now!

  • Jewel Jumble

    Jewel Jumble

    This True Jackson puzzle game's a real gem! Play now!

  • Fashion Memory

    Fashion Memory

    Think you have a TRUE eye and MAD memory for fashion? Dare you to play now!

  • Flip n' Flow

    Flip n' Flow

    Save water and slow the flow with Jimmy!

  • Fashion Designer

    Fashion Designer

    Are you a TRUE designer? Play & find out!

  • Mini Game Mania 2

    Mini Game Mania 2

    So many games, your mouse may call a time out!

  • Fashionista Fix

    Fashionista Fix

    Got what it takes to conquer the catwalk? Find out!

  • Intense Training (AD)

    Intense Training (AD)

    Put your gym class heroics to the test in this collection of mini-games!

  • iSushi Madness

    iSushi Madness

    Get schooled in sushi! Play now!

  • Avatar: Earth Healers

    Avatar: Earth Healers

    Help Aang and the gang go green and foil the Fire Nation in this game!

  • Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder Vs. The Thingamajigs

    Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder Vs. The Thingamajigs

    Help Cleft stop an onslaught of...well...THINGAMAJIGS!

  • Badge Barrage!

    Badge Barrage!

    Help Bessie give Ben the runaround!

  • What's the Diff?

    What's the Diff?

    Test your eagle eye with this Zoey game!

  • Bounce 'n' Burst

    Bounce 'n' Burst

    You gotta be quick to hang with the gang from TEENnick!, gotw

  • Spiderwick: Save Simon (AD)

    Spiderwick: Save Simon (AD)

    (AD) Solve the words to rescue Simon, but beware of mistakes...and Mulgarath!

  • Prank You Very Much!

    Prank You Very Much!

    Who's the prankster, who's the prankee? Find out in this game!

  • Creature Collection (AD)

    Creature Collection (AD)

    (AD) Test your memory skills in this monstrously entertaining game!

  • Mini Game Mania

    Mini Game Mania

    There's a cornucopia of great games in this Nicktoons collection! Play all 20!

  • Stack 'n' Stash

    Stack 'n' Stash

    Test your total recall with this iCarly memory game!

  • The Curse of PCA

    The Curse of PCA

    Help Chase rescue Zoey from a marauding ghost!

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