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  • Slider


    Help the Midnight Society rearrange this scary slider!

  • Match Master

    Match Master

    Don't be Afraid to flip the cards!

  • Slider


    Morphing won't fix this pic, but YOU can!

  • Slider


    This super-powered teen is all mixed-up!

  • Match master

    Match master

    Stop morphing and start matching!

  • Alex Mack Match

    Alex Mack Match

    Make a match with Alex Mack!

  • UltraLord vs. Squirrels

    UltraLord vs. Squirrels

    Help Jimmy scoop up acorns before the angry squirrels have HIM for a snack!

  • New Dog, Old Tricks

    New Dog, Old Tricks

    Help Goddard beat Humphrey at his own game!

  • Slider


    Fix up our frazzled Football Head!

  • Older Women

    Older Women

    Help Arnold and Gerald impress the sixth grade girls in this digital comic!

  • Match Master

    Match Master

    Match your favorite city kid and his friends!

  • Coloring Book

    Coloring Book

    Give a stylin' new look to your favorite city kid and his friends!

  • Superslide


    This puzzle's more challenging than a 50-yard field goal!

  • Gamey Says

    Gamey Says

    Follow Gamey's lead as he picks up speed!

  • Figure It Out: Slider

    Figure It Out: Slider

    Can you Figure Out this puzzling picture?

  • Match Master

    Match Master

    Figure Out this game by flipping the cards!

  • Figure It Out #3

    Figure It Out #3

    Put your secret talent IQ to the test!

  • Figure It Out #2

    Figure It Out #2

    Some of these wacky skills stumped the panel. Will they stump you too?

  • Figure It Out #1

    Figure It Out #1

    What's the secret talent? Figure it out!

  • Coloring Book

    Coloring Book

    Choose the oddest colors for Timmy and his Fairy Godfolks!

  • Paper Luck

    Paper Luck

    Feeling fortunate? Try your luck with Paper Luck!

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