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  • Spring Cleaning

    Spring Cleaning

    SpongeBob's the only one who can make cleaning fun! Play Spring Cleaning now.

  • Nora's World

    Nora's World

    She's back...Again! Help the iCarlys escape in the all new Nora's World.

  • Andre's Date Defense

    Andre's Date Defense

    Andre has an arsenal to defend his date from the nosey paparazzi.

  • Valentine's Day Virus

    Valentine's Day Virus

    Help Plankton show that he really does care for Karen!

  • Cat's Alien Winter Wipeout

    Cat's Alien Winter Wipeout

    Cat's dreaming about aliens again but this time they're totally chill! Try Cat's WINTERIZED Alien Wipeout Game now!

  • Gibby's Sleigh Ride

    Gibby's Sleigh Ride

    Gibby and Guppy take Santa's sleigh on a joy ride! Help them deliver toys to the nice houses (and drop coal on the naughty!)

  • Spencer's Beavecoon Bounce

    Spencer's Beavecoon Bounce

    It's up to Spencer to help bounce beavecoons back to safety after hearing they've been falling out of trees at an alarming rate!

  • T-Bo's Fruit Toss

    T-Bo's Fruit Toss

    Turn T-Bo into Terrence Bo so Mrs. Benson will rent him a room in her loft!

  • Street Fishing

    Street Fishing

    Help Sam escape the mental institution!

  • Puzzle Popper

    Puzzle Popper

    A whole new twist on jigsaw puzzle play!

  • The Revenge of Dr. Blowhole

    The Revenge of Dr. Blowhole

    Shuffle and match Skipper's memories to make them Dr. Blowhole's own.

  • Escape Game

    Escape Game

    Leap through the halls and collect keys to set Sam free so she can go home and film iCarly!

  • Where Are the iCarlys?

    Where Are the iCarlys?

    The iCarlys have gone missing! Help them get back in time for their next web show. Can you find 'em all?

  • Sam's Arm Wrestlin' Challenge

    Sam's Arm Wrestlin' Challenge

    Stack up the food pellets and knock out The Sleepies to lead Sam to victory!

  • Memory Blast

    Memory Blast

    Test your memory and help Sam win some tasty Fat Cakes!

  • Cat's Alien Wipeout

    Cat's Alien Wipeout

    Plump little piggies clash with stacks of evil green aliens in the most addictive game ever.

  • Rex Loves Money

    Rex Loves Money

    Drop Robbie's dummy, Rex, through a trail of cash and land him in the money bags below!

  • Tori's Mustache Bash

    Tori's Mustache Bash

    Tori teeters atop a sloping, slippery mustache and tries to keep her balance.

  • iHeart Valentine's Day Game

    iHeart Valentine's Day Game

    Can you keep up with iCarly's candy hearts? You'll need sharp eyes and fast hands to keep up with this Valentine's Day doozy!

  • Diddly Bops' Food Drop

    Diddly Bops' Food Drop

    Haven't gotten enough of the Diddly Bops yet? Play this Foodtastic game!

  • Christmas Stack-a-thon

    Christmas Stack-a-thon

    The iCarly fans sent in tons of gifts this year. Help Freddie stack and sort them!

Jack & Patrick Smerge

Patrick and Jack Griffo: both stars, both studs, combine to make one handsome creature!


The battle is BACK and this time it's in Bikini Bottom!