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  • Been There, Sheen That!

    Been There, Sheen That!

    It's Sheen's super, huge, excellent, epic adventure of AWESOMENESS!

  • Dragon Ball Z Kai Brain Blitz

    Dragon Ball Z Kai Brain Blitz

    Are you the ultimate Dragon Ball Z Kai fan? Prove it by taking a new quiz every week!

  • Unleashed!


    Play for the forces of good, or choose to be a BAD DOG and rule Petropolis!

  • Victorious TriviaTORIum

    Victorious TriviaTORIum

    Test your Hollywood Arts smarts right here!

  • Fashion Designer

    Fashion Designer

    Are you a TRUE designer? Play & find out!

  • Secret Spot: True Jackson

    Secret Spot: True Jackson

    Listen carefully for the secret words and find the Secret Spot!

  • Secret Spot: iCarly

    Secret Spot: iCarly

    Listen carefully for the secret words and find the Secret Spot!

  • Finish That Line Number 2!

    Finish That Line Number 2!

    How well do you know the iCarly crew? Can you complete their sentences?

  • Secret Spot

    Secret Spot

    Can you find the Secret Spot?!

  • Gummy Bear Burst

    Gummy Bear Burst

    Mix and match your gummies in this tasty puzzle game!

  • PCA Puppy Academy

    PCA Puppy Academy

    Help the Zoey gang keep these puppies in line!

  • What's the Diff?

    What's the Diff?

    Test your eagle eye with this Zoey game!

  • Nerd No More

    Nerd No More

    Got a passion for fashion? Turn these nerds into hunks!

  • Class Pass

    Class Pass

    Pass notes with Zoey and her crew...but don't get caught!

  • Bounce 'n' Burst

    Bounce 'n' Burst

    You gotta be quick to hang with the gang from TEENnick!, gotw

  • Jewel Jumble

    Jewel Jumble

    This True Jackson puzzle game's a real gem! Play now!

  • Fashionista Fix

    Fashionista Fix

    Got what it takes to conquer the catwalk? Find out!

  • iSave iCarly

    iSave iCarly

    Play this game to save iCarly!

  • Stack 'n' Stash

    Stack 'n' Stash

    Test your total recall with this iCarly memory game!

  • iSushi Madness

    iSushi Madness

    Get schooled in sushi! Play now!

  • Skit Scavenger

    Skit Scavenger

    Find the funny! Play this iCarly game now!

SpongeBob's Instaclam!

The votes are in: SpongeBob and his fave sea-shell network are the most LOL-worthy!


The battle is BACK and this time it's in Bikini Bottom!