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  • Where Are the iCarlys?

    Where Are the iCarlys?

    The iCarlys have gone missing! Help them get back in time for their next web show. Can you find 'em all?

  • Addictive Balance

    Addictive Balance

    Place these staring shapes carefully and see if they last long enough to advance to the next puzzle!

  • Park My Plane 2

    Park My Plane 2

    Air traffic control is hard! Planes need your assistance to complete flights, gather passengers and take off again.

  • Jelly Cannon

    Jelly Cannon

    Yellow jelly balls want to get together. You can help! Shoot blue jelly balls to push the yellow balls together. Make One Big Yellow Jelly to level up!

  • Dave Fearless is Stuntdriver 2

    Dave Fearless is Stuntdriver 2

    Dave Fearless is Stuntdriver 2 brings back the bravest -- or dumbest -- stunt driver in the world!

  • Bloons 2

    Bloons 2

    Could the Bloons Monkey get any more amazing? Yes, he can. All new levels, all new features, a few Super Monkeys, and a Level Editor!

  • Memory Blast

    Memory Blast

    Test your memory and help Sam win some tasty Fat Cakes!

  • Space is Key

    Space is Key

    Time your jumps carefully, or you turn into tiny particles! Hard, yes, but the computer provides plenty of snarky encouragement!

  • Crash the Robot

    Crash the Robot

    Drop blocks, roll balls, and swing gates to push the button. Then enjoy the payoff as a robot terminates his warranty!

  • Cat's Alien Wipeout

    Cat's Alien Wipeout

    Plump little piggies clash with stacks of evil green aliens in the most addictive game ever.

  • Rotate and Roll: Players Pack

    Rotate and Roll: Players Pack

    Rotate and Roll fiends have built tons of sneaky, tricky, whack levels for you to play!

  • Sugar, Sugar

    Sugar, Sugar

    Spilly sugar = bad. You put in cup = good! Draw lines to guide the sugars to their happy sugar cup place! Yay!

  • Isoball 3

    Isoball 3

    One ball, and one hole. You make it happen! Place your blocks, ramps, directional tiles and more in your three-dimensional play space. Then give your ball a kick and see where it rolls!

  • Blobs Hunter

    Blobs Hunter

    Blobs are flying out of a pipe! Position the green blox for the best bounces.

  • Rex Loves Money

    Rex Loves Money

    Drop Robbie's dummy, Rex, through a trail of cash and land him in the money bags below!

  • Tori's Mustache Bash

    Tori's Mustache Bash

    Tori teeters atop a sloping, slippery mustache and tries to keep her balance.

  • Buttonheads 2

    Buttonheads 2

    Use your orange buttonhead to knock blue buttonheads off the screen. Avoid red buttonheads because they are nothing but trouble.

  • Papa's Burgeria

    Papa's Burgeria

    Prepare for the working world by assembling burgers!

  • iHeart Valentine's Day Game

    iHeart Valentine's Day Game

    Can you keep up with iCarly's candy hearts? You'll need sharp eyes and fast hands to keep up with this Valentine's Day doozy!

  • Diddly Bops' Food Drop

    Diddly Bops' Food Drop

    Haven't gotten enough of the Diddly Bops yet? Play this Foodtastic game!

  • Colliderix II

    Colliderix II

    Eliminate yellow shapes by making them collide. Same deal with pink shapes. How? Click on the orange shapes!

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