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  • Webisode Wardrobe

    Webisode Wardrobe

    Avoid a wardrobe wipe-out in this fashion forward iCarly game!

  • Micro Game Madness

    Micro Game Madness

    It's fast, it's furious...and it's five games in one!

  • Break a Wish

    Break a Wish

    Help Timmy break through the Pixies' wall of pixels!!!

  • Hangman 2007

    Hangman 2007

    Find the winning words before your fave celebs get SLIMED!

  • Escape the Spirit World

    Escape the Spirit World

    Help Aang escape the Spirit World.

  • Charlotte's Web Hangman

    Charlotte's Web Hangman

    Guess the missing words before Templeton loses his trash.

  • Just Jordan Hangman

    Just Jordan Hangman

    Solve the words or Jordan pays the price...literally!

  • Templeton's Junkyard Dash (AD)

    Templeton's Junkyard Dash (AD)

    (AD) Help Templeton scavenge some scrumptious scraps!

  • Deep Sea Smashout

    Deep Sea Smashout

    Help SpongeBob and Gary SMASH their way off the sea floor!

  • PCA Puppy Academy

    PCA Puppy Academy

    Help the Zoey gang keep these puppies in line!

  • Gear Grab

    Gear Grab

    Collect tons of cool stuff in this frantic Drake & Josh game!

  • Egg-cellent Adventure

    Egg-cellent Adventure

    Help Pip keep the hen-house safe from Dag's claws and jaws!

  • Nacho Match-O (AD)

    Nacho Match-O (AD)

    (AD) Got what it takes to intimidate Nacho and his adversaries? Play now!

  • Alien Invasion!

    Alien Invasion!

    Help Jimmy defend the planet from invading alien hordes!

  • Hangman 2006

    Hangman 2006

    Find the winning words before your fave celebs get SLIMED!

  • Nerd No More

    Nerd No More

    Got a passion for fashion? Turn these nerds into hunks!

  • Word Search

    Word Search

    Prove you're a Wordbending master with this puzzle!

  • Word Search

    Word Search

    Cat got your tongue? Get the word(s) on Nick's filthy rich felines right here!

  • Slider


    The cats are even more mixed up than usual! Can you fix their pics?

  • Hangman 2005

    Hangman 2005

    Find the winning words before your fave celebs get SLIMED!

  • Word Search

    Word Search

    This week's homework: Find all the Zoey words you can handle!

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