Puzzle Games

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  • PCA Puppy Academy

    PCA Puppy Academy

    Help the Zoey gang keep these puppies in line!

  • Gear Grab

    Gear Grab

    Collect tons of cool stuff in this frantic Drake & Josh game!

  • Egg-cellent Adventure

    Egg-cellent Adventure

    Help Pip keep the hen-house safe from Dag's claws and jaws!

  • Nacho Match-O (AD)

    Nacho Match-O (AD)

    (AD) Got what it takes to intimidate Nacho and his adversaries? Play now!

  • Alien Invasion!

    Alien Invasion!

    Help Jimmy defend the planet from invading alien hordes!

  • Hangman 2006

    Hangman 2006

    Find the winning words before your fave celebs get SLIMED!

  • Nerd No More

    Nerd No More

    Got a passion for fashion? Turn these nerds into hunks!

  • Word Search

    Word Search

    Prove you're a Wordbending master with this puzzle!

  • Word Search

    Word Search

    Cat got your tongue? Get the word(s) on Nick's filthy rich felines right here!

  • Slider


    The cats are even more mixed up than usual! Can you fix their pics?

  • Hangman 2005

    Hangman 2005

    Find the winning words before your fave celebs get SLIMED!

  • Word Search

    Word Search

    This week's homework: Find all the Zoey words you can handle!

  • Tile Turner

    Tile Turner

    Dominate the board by flipping your opponent's game pieces!

  • Crossword Puzzle

    Crossword Puzzle

    This crossword puzzle's oozing with Ned's wisdom!

  • Crossword Puzzle

    Crossword Puzzle

    Find out how fabulous YOU are with this crossword puzzle!

  • Fill-Ins


    Fill in the blanks and make frightfully funny ghost stories!

  • Hangman


    Solve the words and save Jenny from unsightly rust spots!

  • Thornberrys Slider

    Thornberrys Slider

    The jungle's in a jumble!

  • Thornberrys Challenge

    Thornberrys Challenge

    Put your memory to the test with Eliza & her WILD family!

  • Eliza's Maze Craze

    Eliza's Maze Craze

    Move Eliza through the maze to the Thornberrys' Comvee!

  • Thornberrys Coloring Book

    Thornberrys Coloring Book

    Express your WILD side!

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