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  • 3D Snow Kart Rally

    3D Snow Kart Rally

    Put the pedal to the metal in this 3D Nicktoons kart racer!

  • 3D Powerkart Grand Prix

    3D Powerkart Grand Prix

    Rev your engines for this rip-roarin' 3D SpongeBob racer!

  • Sewer Surfing (AD)

    Sewer Surfing (AD)

    Speed through the sewer in this Flushed Away racing game! (AD)

  • Rock 'n Road Tour

    Rock 'n Road Tour

    Burn some rubber with the Naked Brothers!

  • Delivery Dilemma

    Delivery Dilemma

    Help SpongeBob make it to the Krusty Krab in one piece!

  • Runaway Pig (AD)

    Runaway Pig (AD)

    (AD) Wilbur's on a wild ride--steer him to safety!

  • Shirley's Revenge

    Shirley's Revenge

    Rev up your monster truck and help Jimmy and Timmy stop a rampaging robot!

  • Andale, Nacho, Andale!

    Andale, Nacho, Andale!

    (AD) Put pedal to the metal in this muy rapido Nacho Libre racer!

  • Otis' Chopper Challenge

    Otis' Chopper Challenge

    Hop on your chopper and hunt down some Coyotes in this Barnyard racer!

  • Cats Me if You Can!

    Cats Me if You Can!

    Rev up your engines and chase down some Chumpy Chumps!

  • Racing the Storm

    Racing the Storm

    Help Eliza reach the Comvee before she gets caught in the rain!

  • Cruisin' Comvee

    Cruisin' Comvee

    Help the Thornberrys escape the Savannah!

  • Boating School

    Boating School

    SpongeBob's taking his driving test...and YOU'RE steering!

  • Snowmotion (AD)

    Snowmotion (AD)

    (AD) One wrong move and this thrill ride becomes a spill ride!

  • Undersea A'venture

    Undersea A'venture

    Help the babies navigate the deep seas in the bathosphere!

  • Reptar Wagon

    Reptar Wagon

    Help Chuckie pilot the Reptar Wagon and find the missing Rugrats!

  • Ooey Gooey World

    Ooey Gooey World

    Help the babies make it to the other side of the park's stickiest ride!

  • Biking


    For wicked BMX action, it's time to pump some pedals and jump some puddles, dudes!

  • Sea Minus

    Sea Minus

    Pilot our boy genius through an undersea slalom and avoid getting swallowed!

  • Tour De Pond

    Tour De Pond

    Help Arnold show Rex Smythe Higgins who's king of the pond!

  • Gerald's Nightmare

    Gerald's Nightmare

    Steer Gerald through his nightmare—and avoid Harold's head!

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