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  • AG: Battle Rush Tactics game

    AG: Battle Rush Tactics

    Command armies fight in epic boss battles! The princesses are counting on you, so don't chicken out!

  • AG: Rocket Pets game

    AG: Rocket Pets

    These flying furballs are on a quest for coins. Rocket your way across the universe!

  • AG: Constructore game

    AG: Constructore

    Can you put the red blocks into the black square?

  • AG: Happy Thief game

    AG: Happy Thief

    Isn't this little girl just the cutest...wait...where's my wallet? Uh oh!

  • AG: Save the Dummy Level Pack game

    AG: Save the Dummy Level Pack

    This doofus has gotten himself strung up in every position imaginable. If you save him we promise you'll win.

  • AG: Renegade Racing game

    AG: Renegade Racing

    Stomp the gas and get ready for some motorhead mayhem! The more crazy you drive, the more money you earn!

  • AG: Miniquest: Trials game

    AG: Miniquest: Trials

    Hop, skip and jump your way through this perilous quest in order to conquer 30 levels of a dungeon!

  • AG: Night Breeze game

    AG: Night Breeze

    Collect every last star across 20 levels of this stylish, physics-based dreamscape.

  • Make Over Magic game

    Make Over Magic

    Run your very own magical salon, earn fame points and customize it all your own.

  • AddictingGames: Escapin' Bacon game

    AddictingGames: Escapin' Bacon

    One brave pig makes a daring escape from the bacon factory! Create platforms to keep our piggy hero bouncing to the top.

  • AG: Smiley Showdown 2 game

    AG: Smiley Showdown 2

    Yes, they are cute. But there are too many of them. Use one smiley to destroy others.

  • AddictingGames: Ores game

    AddictingGames: Ores

    Click sets of blocks to make them go away. Clear the screen of as many blocks as you can, as fast as you can! More are coming!

  • AddictingGames: Scribbles game

    AddictingGames: Scribbles

    Scribble Heads gotta go home, yeah? Draw a path to guide said heads to their comfy jar.

  • AddictingGames: Refrigerator Adventure game

    AddictingGames: Refrigerator Adventure

    Just a fridge, chillin with his homies til somebody bought him. Escape the apartment and go back to your friends!

  • AddictingGames: Papas Hot Doggeria game

    AddictingGames: Papas Hot Doggeria

    Papa has an empire and he's moving into the ball park! Open your hot dog franchise and play now!

  • AddictingGames: Cruisin game

    AddictingGames: Cruisin

    Thrash those wheels, peeps! Make your car even more the ultimate driving machineries! FTW!

  • Super, Easy, Fun Time Adventure Pants game

    Super, Easy, Fun Time Adventure Pants

    This game is sooo easy! Bet you can't beat it.

  • Super Brawl 3: Just Got Real game

    Super Brawl 3: Just Got Real

    Super Brawl 3, JUST GOT REAL´┐Żliterally! Play now!

  • Super Brawl 3 game

    Super Brawl 3

    Brawl is BACK! What side are you on? Good vs Evil, play now.

  • Sparky's Ball Bounce game

    Sparky's Ball Bounce

    Sparky, the Fairly OddPet just wants to have a ball! Get Jorgen to play along.

  • Prime Time Slime game

    Prime Time Slime

    It's time to get primed for major slime!