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  • Game of the Year 2012 game

    Game of the Year 2012

    Play to vote for your favorite games of 2012 and help us crown the GAME OF THE YEAR!

  • Football Boogie game

    Football Boogie

    Marvin doesn't know football, but he sure can boogie past those linebackers!

  • The Ultimate iCarly Game game

    The Ultimate iCarly Game

    Collect each character's favorite item to unlock a secret video for each level!

  • SONY: Arthur's Present Wrapping Game (AD) game

    SONY: Arthur's Present Wrapping Game (AD)

    (AD) Wrap as many presents as you can before time runs out!

  • Enter the Dragon game

    Enter the Dragon

    Does Po have what it takes to defeat the evil Ke-Pa? Who will become the real Dragon Warrior?? Play now!

  • The Game (AD) game

    The Game (AD)

    Help the Guardians defeat Pitch and protect the children all over the world! (AD)

  • SONY: The Amazing Spiderman (AD) game

    SONY: The Amazing Spiderman (AD)

    (AD) Learn to use your powers and get to the safe haven.

  • Sam's B-Ball Brawl game

    Sam's B-Ball Brawl

    When Sam makes a basket, you gotta sink your shot the same way. Good luck!

  • Super Samurai game

    Super Samurai

    The fans have spoken! Super Samurai takes GOTY 2012 - play now and see why.

  • Legendary Pinball (AD) game

    Legendary Pinball (AD)

    Help Guardians protect the hopes and dreams of kids around the world. (AD)

  • Elf Ding-A-Long (AD) game

    Elf Ding-A-Long (AD)

    Create your own musical masterpiece with Elf Ding-Along. (AD)

  • Memory Game (AD) game

    Memory Game (AD)

    Join Jack Frost and the rest of the Guardians by matching squares. (AD)

  • Jade's Zombie Smasher game

    Jade's Zombie Smasher

    It's time for Jade's favorite holiday - Halloween! Celebrate by playing her wicked new game.

  • Tales of Po! game

    Tales of Po!

    Play the final 3 tales now!

  • Hello Bikini Bottom! game

    Hello Bikini Bottom!

    Hello Bikini Bottom! Can you keep up with the music? Rock out with SpongeBob and Squidward in this new game.

  • SONY: Hotel Transylvania (AD) game

    SONY: Hotel Transylvania (AD)

    (AD) Where monsters go to get away from it all! In theaters Friday.

  • Ninja Turtle Tactics 3D game

    Ninja Turtle Tactics 3D

    Go into Donnie's training lab and see how long you can survive!

  • Do You Know SpongeBob's Songs? game

    Do You Know SpongeBob's Songs?

    Can you complete the lyrics in time? Find out!

  • iGo to NY game

    iGo to NY

    iCarly goes to New York! Hop in a cab, drive down the streets of NY and avoid obstacles in this new game!

  • Gibby Pinball game

    Gibby Pinball

    Play a little game of pinball with Gibby! Launch the ball and see how many points you can rack up!

  • Monster High Fang-tastic Fashion Show (AD) game

    Monster High Fang-tastic Fashion Show (AD)

    (AD) Create your own fashion show with Clawdeen and her friends! (AD)